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Metris Risk-based management

Metris Risk based management enhances the well known Asset performance Management (APM), which meanwhile has found its way into all management floors of many industrial companies around the world. With more than 30 years of industrial experience with a wide variety of automation systems, ANDRITZ Automation decided to develop an own Asset Health System with a holistic, and therefore factory-wide, perspective.

It is now state-of-the-art that single assets or devices can self-diagnose well, utilizing AI methods and also predict their impending problems. The Metris Risk based management approach goes much further. For the state of health of individual process areas, it will calculate automatically the technical production risk, which can be very high for singular units, but low for redundant concepts.

Metris Risk-Based Management

To the states of single assets, supplemented by their criticality, the compliance with the prescribed maintenance measures will be added on top. The result of shows a precise picture of all assets and equipment’s with a complete risk analysis covering the whole factory.

Cyber-security vulnerability

However, every factory harbors another very important risk factor. There is no longer any need to explain the catastrophic consequences of cyber security attacks. That’s why Metris Risk based management calculates in addition the overall risk of the factory considering also the cyber security vulnerability of all assets and equipments.

Risk-based management


Risk Based Management (RBM) calculates the complete asset health PLUS maintenance risk PLUS Cyber Security vulnerability of the whole factory.

  • Condition monitoring for critical assets (motors, valves, pumps, … )
  • Calculation of individual production risks (single source, redundant equipment,... )
  • Embedding maintenance risks (maintenance routes, inspections, …)
  • Including cyber security risks (vulnerabilities, remote access, … )

As autonomous operated factories are the dream of nearly everybody in the production industry, Metris Risk based Management serves an integrated layer for stable and reliable processes covering the equipment health and security conditions of the whole factory.

Customer benefits

  • Highest asset availability by means of risk identification with a holistic factory-wide view
  • Maximum security through unique approach with embedded OT cyber security vulnerability check
  • Excellent efficiency of maintenance resources available, focusing on the “right assets”
  • Ideal contribution towards finding the optimum for specific maintenance costs