• METALS products
  • Welding
  • Laser welding systems for flat and round applications
  • Soupact laser welding system for smaller volumes


Designed for manual operation, but upgradeable to fully automated linear laser welding seams

The Soupact system is the right solution with respect to small investment costs with reduced outputs.


Soupact laser welding system for blanks

The entire machine can be packed in a 40’ container for shipping. Thus, the shipping cost is reduced significantly.

In addition, the Soupact system can be dismantled easily and brought to another location in a 40’ container. It is the ideal machine for back-up and production flexibility.

The continuous measurement seam tracking and quality control system guarantees a stable welding process, meeting the highest quality requirements. Gaps of <0.3 mm between the sheet metal are closed with Soufil wire. With the aid of our continuous gap closing and vision system, we are able to regulate the wire speed to ensure that sufficient material is always present in the melting pool.


Clamping system in the Soupact

Benefits at a glance

  • Globally unique edge tracking and quality control system
  • Soufiladaptive wire feeding for perfect welding under difficult edge conditions
  • Short change-over times
  • Expandable by modules up to the overall concept as a fully automatic welding machine
  • User-friendly control with fault visualization and remote maintenance for all modules
  • Designed for solid-state laser with high efficiency at lowest operating costs

Simple packaging in standard 40’ containers, and therefore fast commissioning at production site

Technical data

Max. seam length2,000 mm (optional 2,500 mm)
Min. seam length200 mm (optional 100 mm)
Max. blank width thin parts1,700 mm
Max blank width thick parts700 mm (with the option of being enlarged)
Min. blank width150 mm (smaller on request)
Sheet metal thickness0.5-3 mm
Max. parts per cycle1 standard (2-4 optional)
Max. seams per cycle1 standard (2-4 optional)
Laser sourcefiber laser, disk laser, or diode laser

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