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Get into care business with air-through-bonding

Innovative solutions for various products of the growing hygiene market

In daily life, we find products using air-through bonding technology everywhere we look. The hygiene market requires products with a high level of uniformity, softness, bulkiness, and tensile strength. Due to population growth and aging as well as the rise in the standard of living, these products respond perfectly to the quality level requested for baby diapers, feminine hygiene or adult incontinence.


ANDRITZ offers you customized solutions: For the production of hygiene products, we can deliver a tailor-made, Air-Through-Bonding (ATB) process. It makes use of the vast expertise that ANDRITZ has to offer in a wide range of hygiene nonwovens technologies, such as web forming and finishing (spunlace, spunlaid, spunjet, wetlace), and converting (baby diapers, feminine hygiene, adult incontinence).


•  Customized to meet your requirements for fiber range, throughput, web  

   qualities, and so on

•  Consistent web qualities

•  Air management system

•  Enhanced visibility

•  Easy accessibility for maintenance

•  Highest uniformity of temperature and air-flow

•  Superior softness with SoftJet technology

•  Easy access to main machinery components

•  Modular system

•  Flexible due to the different heating systems

ANDRITZ Air-through-bonding-line


Opening & Blending for Air-through-bonding

It all starts with fibers: To spread them evenly on the way to the web former, you need a carefully designed process. With opening, blending (APC), feeding and carding technology from ANDRITZ, your nonwovens benefit in every step.


Complete range of cards for Air-through-bonding 

ANDRITZ has the matching card for you: With carding power
alternatives (single or double card set-up), different web structure
solutions, and different number of doffers, we always find the
matching solution.


Alternatives for carding power


Alternatives for card feeding sections


State-of-the-art in bonding for Air-through-bonding

The oven is a very important machine in the ATB process: It must bind the still fragile and sensitive carded web smoothly into a stable nonwoven product – without reducing its high-lofted character and superior softness.

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Bonding Process

Once in the oven, the hot air
activates the low-melt polymer
inside the fiber matrix. It flows
towards and gathers at the point of fiber contacts, where these accumulations then form the bonds between the individual fibers.

Bonded fiber after Air-through-bonding


If you would like to learn more about ANDRITZ air through bonding, please have a look at our brochure. The most important machine elements for air-through bonding can also be found under ANDRITZ cards and ANDRITZ dryer.

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