neXline air-through bonding aXcess

Air-through bonding solutions for small and medium capacities – with ANDRITZ neXline air-through bonding aXcess

Hygiene products of tomorrow: To open niches in the hygiene market, you need innovative production lines with new capabilities. At ANDRITZ, we offer you cutting-edge technology that opens up new possibilities.  As a complete system supplier, we always have the right customized solution to meet your requirements perfectly. neXline air-through bonding aXcess is an ideal entry for production of small and medium capacities.

Baby diaper example

16 - 80 gsm


Up to 150 m/min

Line speed

2.5 to 3.6 m

Working width

5,500 t/a


Top sheets, ADL, back sheets

End uses

Line configurations:

Layout configuration with 2 cards and a flat oven


Layout configuration with a drum oven


Dual layout configuration


Two highly sophisticated oven systems

The fragile structure of the unbonded nonwoven web calls for a suitable transport medium: this can be either a flat oven system using an air-permeable conveyor belt or an Omega oven system with a perforated and / or sievefabric covered drum surface. ANDRITZ’s portfolio can offer you the flat as well as the Omega design, both as best suitable for covering all your requirements as a hygiene nonwoven producer. Depending on your demand, the ovens can be equipped with either indirect heating (electrical power, thermal oil) or direct heating (natural or liquid gas). A common feature of the flat and Omega designs is the one-sided, airthrough ventilation, which is typical of air-through bonding processes in the hygiene market.
The new ANDRITZ SoftJet air guidance offers you an additional advantage in flat oven systems. Even the most sensitive fiber blends and matrix structures retain their high-lofted character and superior softness after the air-through bonding process.

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