ANDRITZ carding technology for direct lines with 2 eXcelle cards

aXcess cards for direct lines

Perfect evenness in feeding

ANDRITZ Nonwoven has developed card feeders like the Thibeau Chute Feed (TCF) associated with the Thibeau Metering Silo to guarantee the permanent feeding of the fibers up to 90 mm. Both machines participate to the final opening for the constant fiber density infeed to the card. 

The best option of regulation is given by the pneumatic technology used inside both machines. The number, type, and width of each piece of equipment are adapted to the respective production of the card.

The Thibeau Chute Feed can be equipped with batt shaping and profiling on top and bottom. An optional device is also available for air dust removal when processing certain types of fiber.

All cards for direct lines can be equipped with Servo-X infeed auto levelers with X-ray measurement.

TCF feeder for aXcess lines

Cards designed for medium production levels

aXcess cards for direct lines are designed for medium production levels, allowing emerging countries to benefit from proven technologies based on 20 years of ANDRITZ experience. They are available in 2.5 m, 3.0 m or 3.75 m working width with two different delivery configurations (parallel or condensed). These cards are designed for speeds up to 110 m/min.

np-aXcess card-Direct line

aXcess card for direct lines

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