aXcess cards for crosslapped needlepunch lines

ANDRITZ Nonwoven provides an optimal choice of cards and feeders for crosslapping technology

Perfect evenness in feeding

ANDRITZ has developed different types of card feeders that supply the appropriate quantity of fibers to the card. The TCF Thibeau Chute Feed is designed for fibers up to 90 mm, and the TCFX Thibeau Chute Feed for fibers over 80 mm and up to 120 mm. Before arriving at the card, the fibers coming from opening and blending pass through the Thibeau Metering Silo (TMS) that guarantees a constant supply and final opening. Then they are transferred pneumatically to the TCF or TCFX, which feeds the appropriate quantity of fibers to the card.

TCF feeder for aXcess lines

TCFX feeder combined with an aXcess card

For coarse fineness (> 6 dtex) and long fibers (> 60 mm), especially natural fibers, and for very high production capacities, the Thibeau Continuous Flux hopper feeder (CFX) is the right choice.

In order to achieve highest accuracy, ANDRITZ offers two types of card in-feed auto levelers: either with X-ray measurement (Servo-X) or with weight measurement (WCR).

Cards designed for medium production levels

aXcess cards for crosslapped lines are designed for medium production levels, taking Advantage from proven technologies based on 20 years of ANDRITZ experience. They are available in 2.5,  3.0 or 3.5 m working width, with two different types of delivery configurations (parallel or condensed). Delivery speeds are adapted to crosslapper infeed speeds of up to 100 m/min.

aXcess card for neXline needlepunch lines

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