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ANDRITZ Nonwoven for several coating technologies from a source.

ANDRITZ Nonwoven coating solutions achieve top-notch application results. This includes film presses, size presses, and curtain coater – whatever your need be, ANDRITZ Nonwoven has the answer.

Film press

The ANDRITZ PrimeCoat Film is the press for simultaneous double-sided nonwoven web coating and and/or sizing of nonwovens. Various suspensions and weights can be applied to each side or just one side. Thanks to its compact design, the film press occupies minimum space and while allowing for a fast change to the applied weight.


Size press

The PrimeCoat Size for simultaneous application of sizing to both sides of nonwovens.


Curtain Coater

The PrimeCoat Curtain Coater for perfectly homogeneous single or multi-layer coatings. The non-contacting design is easily configured for either in-board or over-board coating, which can be easily adapted to suit your needs.



Wetlaid coating

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