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PrimeCoat coating technology

ANDRITZ PrimeCoat systems are used for coating paper and board. Different techniques can be chosen depending on coatings required, coat weights applied, and operating speeds desired.

PrimeCoat versions (Jet, Blade and BarFlex) have different blade or bar metering systems. The bar metering system can be used for pre-coating paper and board, top coating, and the treatment of specialty papers (thermal papers, inkjet papers, etc). The blade metering system is ideal when an extremely smooth finish is required.

PrimeCoat Jet

Product range coating technology

Curtain Coater coating technology

The PrimeCoat Curtain coater provides perfectly homogeneous single or multi-layer coatings. The non-contacting design is easily configured for in-board or over-board coating. The curtain coater can be easily adapted to customers’ requirements.

PrimeCoat Jet and PrimeCoat Roll:

  • High-speed coating of paper and board
  • Functional coatings with low solid contents
  • Applicable for all paper and board grades
  • Used together with blade or barflex coating function
  • Flexibility through modular design
  • Good accessability
  • Hydraulic application system
  • Cost performance trade off

Blade coating function

  •  Stiff blade for low coat weights and highest speeds
  • Bent blade for higher coat weights and best smoothness
  • Coating of specialty paper, pre- and top coating of paper and board


BarFlex coating function

  • Pre-coating of paper and board
  • Pre-coating and functional coatings for specialty paper


PrimeCoat Combi:

  • Combination of blade and barflex

At a glance

  • Flexibility through modular design, compact units
  • Top quality coated products
  • For a wide range of coat weights and paper grades (paper, board, specialty papers)


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