PrimeCoat coating technology

ANDRITZ PrimeCoat products for coating paper and board are extremely flexible in terms of applicable coating weights and the range of operating speeds available.

The PrimeCoat family consists of three types of coating units designed for coating of paper and board over a wide range of application conditions. Depending on the coating weight, operating speeds and paper or board quality requirements, ANDRITZ supplies PrimeCoat Roll, PrimeCoat Jet or PrimeCoat curtain coaters.

PrimeCoat Roll and PrimeCoat Jet

PrimeCoat Roll uses an applicator roll to apply the coating color to the paper web, and PrimeCoat Jet makes use of a jet nozzle for this function. In each case, the coating is metered with a blade or metering rod.

During the metering process, the web is supported by a polyurethane-covered backing roll that is motor-driven. As a result, variations in web tension have no direct influence on the final coated product.

For different coating applications such as pre-coating, middle, or final top coating, ANDRITZ supplies the appropriate metering components, such as a curved/stiff blade or rod.

Upgrading to ANDRITZ coating technology gives the customer the opportunity to achieve specific quality targets quickly and efficiently for coating specialty paper grades.


ANDRITZ PrimeCoat Jet


PrimeCoat Curtain coater

Curtain coating is an alternative to conventional coating technologies. The advantages of curtain coating are excellent coverage, energy savings due to higher solid content, coating color savings, and fewer web breaks due to the non-contact process. The multilayer curtain coater enables the application of several coating layers simultaneously using only one coating station. The number of coating and drying stations are reduced, resulting in a compact and efficient design. This delivers remarkable cost savings.

Due to its compact design, the PrimeCoat Curtain is ideal for integration into existing machines. The curtain coater applicator can be operated with a slot die for single-layer coating or a slide die for multilayer coating. The coating can be applied in overboard and inboard modes.

PrimeCoat Roll:

  • Well proven technology
  • Easy operation
  • Fast and easy access for cleaning
  • Hydraulic application system
  • Improved runnability

PrimeCoat Jet:

  • Very compact design with integrated cross-flow distributor
  • New flow design with perfect coating quality
  • Minimal cleaning effort and long intervals between cleaning cycles
  • Nozzle beam and nozzle lip are replaceable in case of damage and for cleaning purposes
  • Closed nozzle geometry enables coating of paper and board at high speeds and high viscosities
  • New flow design allows a wide range of applications from pigment coating to barrier coating
  • Hydraulic applicator system

PrimeCoat Curtain:

  • Slot die for overboard single-layer coating
  • Slide die for inboard multilayer coating
  • Superior design of edge guides for inboard application of functional layers
  • Compact housing design with controllable air conditioning

At a glance

  • Flexibility due to modular design, compact units
  • Top-quality coated products
  • For a wide range of coating weights and paper grades (paper, board, specialty papers)

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