ANDRITZ service for L-M-EVO-series refiner and feeding equipment

ANDRITZ offers rebuilds, spare and wear parts, upgrades, and on-site services for equipment from virtually any OEM.

ANDRITZ PULP & PAPER - MDF refiner service

The challenge

You rely on your L-M-EVO-series refiner and feed equipment as key parts of your fiberline. Perhaps until now you have relied on the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to provide all the parts and service as well.

The challenge – up until now – has been in finding good alternatives to the OEM for service. It is always good to have alternatives. Even if you are reasonably happy with your current service supplier, we invite you to see what ANDRITZ can offer you. 

The ANDRITZ solution

As a leading supplier of mechanical pulping technology – and the developer of most of the latest innovations in refiner design – ANDRITZ has the product knowledge, reliable delivery times, and expertise in on-site service and rebuilds that you are looking for.

ANDRITZ has a very long history and extensive experience with refining and feed equipment of all kinds. We have been troubleshooting, repairing, rebuilding, and upgrading equipment from all the major OEMs over the years. The L-M-EVO-series refiner is no exception. We understand the metallurgies, tolerances, fit, and performance characteristics that are important during servicing and rebuilding.

With our extensive manufacturing capabilities as a global supplier, we build high-quality replacement parts and consumable. We produce complete “drop-in” units for all common L-M-EVO-series refiners.

Customized solutions and upgrades

Bringing a piece of equipment “back to spec” and then providing enhancements to extend the life or improve the performance are the hallmarks of a good service supplier. We take advantage of the expertise developed from our own refiner development, as well as from our R&D work, to offer enhancements or improvements to L-M-EVO-series refiners and feed equipment in terms of wear-resistance, energy efficiency, and longer life.  

Give us an opportunity to quote your next service job – and see how ANDRITZ can be of service to you.