Refiner, disperser and feed equipment service

ANDRITZ offers rebuilds, spare parts, upgrades, and on-site services for equipment from virtually any OEM. Refiners, dispergers, and feed equipment are key components in every fiberline.

ANDRITZ products

  • Sealing solutions: universal seal, stuffing box arrangement, mechanical seals
  • Wear protection: shaft sleeves, rotor bars, rotor scrapers, liners, etc.
  • Capacity increase: feeding optimization, increased bearing loadability (refiners), increased machine stiffness, etc.
  • Energy reduction: new bearing technology, feeding optimization, tramming (refiners), spline technology, etc.

Operational safety

Our support and experience is not just limited to rebuilds, spare parts, on-site service, and upgrades of machinery. We also offer packages to help you increase operational safety in your mill.

Examples are the Refiner Protection System (RPS), safety check-out programs, logic update implementation and start-up, maintenance support, and so on.

Continuous service is required, so the basic requirement is to ensure mechanical uptime and operational performance. ANDRITZ performs rebuilds, spare parts, and on-site services for ANDRITZ equipment and also for equipment from virtually any OEM.

ANDRITZ documents rebuilds and on-site services to ensure quality – and to allow you to follow our work without being present at the repair site.

Continuous development of equipment

Continuous development of the machinery gives you the potential to improve efficiency and secure a continuing return on your investment. By partnering with key customers who operate and maintain our machines, we gain valuable information for product development. We are eager to incorporate your experience and to combine it with our detailed technical knowledge to support you in achieving your production and maintenance goals.

As an OEM, ANDRITZ has a very long history and extensive experience with refining, disperging, and feed equipment. This is the foundation for development of new equipment – and for the refurbishment and modernization of machines already in operation. Continuous product development focusing on energy efficiency, mechanical uptime, and operational performance – regardless of the OEM – are important parts of our strategy.