Refining Service Success Stories

In our industry, success speaks volumes, and our success stories are no exception. Each article captures the essence of a successful rebuild, upgrade or installation at our customer's facility, expressing the solid partnership we have built together, the project delivery and the outstanding results achieved.

Our approach is based on authenticity as we work with experienced journalists who deliver the stories in a professional manner. Through in-depth interviews with our customers and dedicated ANDRITZ employees, each story is brought to life with honesty and transparency. 

Join us as we celebrate shared progress and highlight the dedication and hard work behind each success story. Be inspired and see for yourself our commitment to excellence in all areas including environmental responsibility and sustainable practices. 

Our Success Stories
PK Varel | All hands on deck

Exchange, dismantling and refurbishment of two old refiners at PK Varel‘s KM3 including vibration control and plate modernization

Perlen Papier AG | S(t)eamwork

Tailor-made solution doubles steam recovery.

Yildiz Entegre Mersin | Plug Screw Servicing saves energy costs

By switching its plug screw servicing to ANDRITZ, Yildiz Entegre’s Mersin plant in southern Turkey can now process more than a million m3 of chips between services and is saving tens of thousands of euros on energy costs.

Resolute Clermont | Taking control

Improving stability and control efficiency by automation upgrades on a CD70 refiner

Sonae Arauco Meppen | Big energy savings right on time

Continuous ANDRITZ Plug Screw Feeder progress at Sonae Arauco.

Egger Bevern | Conversion of a 30-year-old digester

Uniform fiber quality with customized ANDRITZ digester.

FBB Baruth | World's first adjustable PSF

Conversion of a plug screw feeder to the world’s first

adjustable design to ensure production with dry and wet wood.

keyvisual_Low Consistency Protection System
Sonae Arauco Valladolid | Three of a kind

Automation upgrade of multiple existing refiners for MDF production: L46, M60 and 54/58-1CP

Homanit Losheim | AdvaProtect Segments for Plug Screw Feedeers

Like new - every time. ANDRITZ’s new AdvaProtect Segments

give a brand-new housing interior every


Sonae Arauco Mangualde | Perfect chip flow and pre-steaming efficiency

Installation of the new vibrating discharger in center-steaming design and replacement of the existing pre-steaming bin and chute by new ones with the ANDRITZ design was the solution chosen to bring this old equipment up to state-of-the-art ANDRITZ


Guararapes | Increased service life of Plug screw feeders

ANDRITZ refurbishments - the most cost-effective option for the customer. AdvaProtect 70 hardfacing increases the service life of plug screw feeders by up to 80%.

Panneaux de Corrèze | On the road to success

ANDRITZ next-generation solutions for high performance.


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