(S)teamwork at Perlen Papier AG

Tailor-made solution doubles steam recovery

Perlen Papier is Switzerland’s only producer of newsprint and magazine paper. They run a two-machine mill that features one of the largest, fastest and most modern newsprint machines in Europe. The mill is highly focused, making only publication papers, with 360,000 tons per year of newsprint and 200,000 tons per year of LWC magazine papers.

Tailor-made solution fits given space

Perlen Papier AG wanted maximum steam-separation capacity for the available space, and it had to fit in the existing building, otherwise it would have been too expensive. Unfortunately, this meant that ANDRITZ’s existing PSD 600 and 800 models were too big, while the PSD 400 was smaller than desired. 

So, with instructions to deliver maximum capacity in the limited space, ANDRITZ agreed to design and manufacture a unique new model – just for Perlen. To make the best use of the available space, the new PSD 500L is wider than the 400 and narrower than the 600, but also longer (“L”) than all the standard models, increasing the compression zone by 50%.

Plug Screw Discharger and Cyclone

© Chris Rausch

Closeup of Plug Screw Discharger and Cyclone

© Chris Rausch

ROI exceeds expectations

Exceeding the project goals also means a faster return on the investment (ROI) than Perlen had planned.The
target was 1.7 years, but that is now expected to be less than 1 year. 

“It’s saving us quite a lot of money,” confirms Michael Stokowy, Operations Engineer, Perlen Papier AG. More than that, “It’s saving our nerves! It’s working well and we have fewer worries about maintenance.”

© Chris Rausch
© Chris Rausch

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