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Screw press service

ANDRITZ increases the performance of screw presses, regardless of the original manufacturer.

ANDRITZ provides services for repairing, rebuilding, and upgrading screw presses from a variety of manufacturers like ANDRITZ, Thune, Krima, FKC, and Celleco.

Screw press service

Screw press service

Our extensive process and dewatering knowledge, backed by decades of mechanical design experience, allows us to offer new solutions for older equipment to help mills stay competitive without large capital investments.

Screw press service solutions

  • Screw shaft exchange program
  • Gearbox exchange program
  • Mobile repair machinery for welding and grinding screw shaft on site
  • Screw press basket refurbishment program
Screw press basket

Screw press basket

Screw press upgrades

  • Grooved screen basket to avoid stock rotation, which improves continuous performance and reduces torque
  • Complete flight package with wear shoes to protect the helix against wear
  • Shaft coating with body plates to avoid shaft wear
  • Screw press control strategy to increase maximum throughput, eliminate power variations and extend machine uptime
  • Slotted headbox that decreases inlet pressure and increases production

Screw press wear and replacement parts

  • Wear protection (wear shoes, hardfacing, etc.)
  • Replacement baskets, shaft screens, sleeves, and gearboxes (ANDRITZ, Thune, Krima, FKC, and Celleco presses)

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Comprehensive service to support customer processes: from replacement parts to complete mill maintenance...

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  • pp-ps-screwpress-service-baskets-thunesp45-sp70.pdf
    Cost-effective baskets for Thune SP45 and Thune SP70 screw presses PDF : 477 KB
  • Mobile on-site repair center PDF : 446 KB
  • Grooved high pressure screen baskets PDF : 1.4 MB
  • High-performance medium pressure basket PDF : 224 KB
  • Wear protection PDF : 255 KB
  • Shaft coating with body plates PDF : 213 KB
  • Screw press control strategy PDF : 902 KB
  • Slotted headbox PDF : 85 KB
  • Double helix screw PDF : 50 KB
  • Back pressure unit PDF : 291 KB
  • Discharge scraper PDF : 230 KB
  • Upgrade bearing seal PDF : 301 KB
  • OEM baskets PDF : 256 KB
  • Splitted baskets PDF : 287 KB