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ModuScreen fine screening

High efficiency with the ModuScreen product family

ModuScreen A: efficient screening and fractionation for all types of furnishes

The ModuScreen A is part of the highly successful ModuScreen family of ANDRITZ pressure screens and is perfectly suitable for processing all types of furnishes:

  • In recycled fiber applications such as MC/LC fine screen and fractionator
  • In virgin and mechanical pulp applications as MC/LC fine screen
  • In thick stock screening

Benefits of the ModuScreen A

  • High screening efficiency due to advanced basket and rotor design
  • Low energy consumption saves on operating costs
  • Optimized hydraulic flow patterns improve runability
  • With flexible basket and rotor combinations, the unit can be adapted quickly and easily to suit different raw materials
  • Common base for screen and motor, thus saving installation costs

ModuScreen F: effective screening/fractionation for the entire capacity range

The ModuScreen F, part of the highly successful ModuScreen family, is a pressure screens and well-proven in various applications for low, medium and high consistency.

ANDRITZ offers a full range of different rotors, which are available with or without dilution facility to handle even highly demanding process conditions.

Screen cylinders cover a wide range of drilled hole and slotted wedge wire baskets. Any pulp grade can be processed by choosing the most suitable combination of screen basket and rotor.

Benefits of the ModuScreen F

  • Advanced rotor and screen basket design allows high screening efficiency
  • Excellent runability
  • Modular design
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Special rotor available with
  • patented dilution facility in order to meet highly demanding process conditions
ModuScreen A

Fine screening - ModuScreen A

Fine screening ModuScreen F

Fine screening - ModuScreen F


Combined fine and coarse screening ModuScreen C&F

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Pulping and Fiber
  • ModuScreen A

    Efficient screening and fractionation for all types of furnishes

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  • ModuScreen F

    Effective screening/fractionation for the entire capacity range

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