Technology for pulp sheet drying plants

ANDRITZ provides turnkey market pulp drying plants, as well as individual technologies for each market pulp drying/baling process.

A market pulp sheet drying plant usually starts at the high density storage tower directly after the bleach plant of the fiberline.

The sheet drying pilot plant from ANDRITZ in Graz, Austria, gives customers the opportunity to run trials for their product, be it market, dissolving or fluff pulp. The machine concept follows the twin wire former technology, which allows the highest specific throughputs on the market. It can be modified to find the most suitable concept for our customers. In addition the machine is used for research and development of new equipment, as well as for optimization of existing components.

The pulp sheet drying plant comprises pulp screening/cleaning, dewatering, drying, baling, and finishing operations. ANDRITZ is well equipped to supply individual equipment or turnkey plants.

Pulp screening/cleaning

Modern pulp sheet drying plants are equipped with a screening/cleaning system in order to achieve the highest pulp cleanliness.

Pulp dewatering

Perfect sheet formation and highest wet sheet tensile strength are important factors in the availability and successful operation of a large single pulp drying line. ANDRITZ pulp dewatering technologies include:

  • Twin Wire former
  • Twin Wire press
  • Fourdrinier machine

Pulp Drying Line

Pulp sheet drying

Based on Fläkt technology, ANDRITZ has continuously improved the pulp sheet drying technology. Advantages of the pulp sheet dryer include:

  • optimized blowbox design for high heat transfer to sheet
  • low steam and electrical power consumption
  • increased floating height and strong sheet fixation
  • improved cleaning tools (blowbox lifting, broke removal nip) for faster cleaning
  • automatic tail threading system for fast threading at full machine speed
  • over 480 references

Pulp baling/bale finishing

ANDRITZ has successfully further developed state-of-the-art pulp baling technologies by revising the design and technical features to provide customers with sophisticated and reliable systems. Pulp baling lines include reliable high-speed cutting, bale handling, and wrapping of dried market pulp. Pulp baling and finishing products are:

  • Cutter-Layboy
  • Pulp baling line (e.g. conveyor system, bale scale, bale press, Duowrap, end folder, stenciler, bar code printer, stacker)
  • Tying equipment (e.g. bale binder, unit binder)
  • BaleMatic pulp baling and finishing control system


ANDRITZ has its own automation department that is capable of supplying the systems for monitoring and controlling a complete drying line.

Upgrades, rebuilds, and services

ANDRITZ has completed numerous successful projects of upgrades, rebuilds, and conversions. We assist already in the early stages of a project by performing plant surveys, upgrade studies, and pilot plant trials.

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