HHQ-Chipper with the chipper hood open, showing the chipper disc and knives.
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Horizontally-fed HHQ-Chipper

The horizontal infeed to the HHQ-Chipper aligns and holds the logs in the same position relative to the chipper disc to ensure high-quality wood chips.

Accurate orientation of logs results in optimum chipping

The ANDRITZ HHQ-Chipper with horizontal infeed is best suited for long logs. However, it works with short logs as well because the infeed chain conveyor will orient the short logs during chipping. The improved cutting geometry and optimized cutting speed produce thinner rectangular chips – with a profile best suited for today’s cooking or refining processes.

Logs are fed directly to the HHQ-Chipper through a large horizontal spout by a chain conveyor at a controlled speed. The horizontal infeed keeps the chipping process stable by holding the logs in the same position relative to the chipper disc during the chipping process. This minimizes the number of oversized and overthick chips, and tightens the chip size distribution. Horizontal infeed also minimizes log impacts, and therefore log breakage, prior to the chipper. The large spout accommodates infeed of crooked wood as well.

The chips are side-discharged to a screw hopper placed above floor level. The gentle discharge reduces chip damage as well as the amount of fines and pins produced. Tests show that the chips are of such high quality that they can be compared with screened chips.

Low maintenance requirements, easily changeable wear parts, and ergonomic and compact design all contribute to the total economy of the HHQ-Chipper.

HHQ-Chipper with the chipper hood open, showing the chipper disc and knives.

HHQ-Chipper with the chipper hood open, showing the chipper disc and knives. MetsäFibre bioproducts mill, Äänekoski, Finland.

HHQ-Chipper with the chipper hood closed

HHQ-Chipper with the chipper hood closed. MetsäFibre bioproducts mill, Äänekoski, Finland.


Features of the ANDRITZ horizontally-fed HHQ-Chipper

  • Super quality chips at high capacity levels
  • Simultaneous chipping of several logs across entire width of bed knife
  • Uniformity due to unique chipping geometry and controlled cutting speed
  • Highest yield – lowest wood losses
  • Contributes to higher pulp quality
  • Optimum chips allow lower temperatures and chemical consumption in pulping
  • Minimal oversize and overthick chips
  • Very low generation of pins and fines
  • Gentle on chips – reduced fiber damage
  • Reliable operation
  • Easy changeout of wear parts

Since its introduction in 2001 (to Metsä-Botnia’s Joutseno Mill in Finland) more than a hundred HHQ-Chippers have been delivered around the world.  The biggest chipper in the world – the EXL-18I type with 18 knives – was delivered to Veracel Celulose in Brazil in 2009. The TurnKnife chipper knife system in the HHQ-Chipper is known around the world for its durability and repetitive accuracy.  It is designed to achieve consistent chipping results, year after year, in even the most difficult working conditions. The ChipperACD effectively monitors chipper operations and diagnoses performance or maintenance issues.

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