Horizontally-fed TwinChipper

The TwinChipper is ideal for longwood chipping, which requires horizontal infeed to the chipper.  Longwood is fed to the TwinChipper by a conveyor. The horizontal spout is at the correct angle to the chipper disc to ensure optimum chipping.

The horizontal infeed, coupled with integrated breakage processing, result in improved chip quality and increased capacity.  Small pieces of wood sometimes break off the main stem during processing and can interrupt both throughput of the chipper and the chip quality.  This breakage is separated from the main feed line, collected in a separate conveyor, and fed to the chipper via a secondary drop feed spout located above the main chipper spout.  This arrangement not only extracts the highest possible chip quality and yield from breakage, but also ensures an undisturbed flow of logs to the main spout which increases the capacity of the chipper and improves the chip quality.

The large disc diameter infeed accommodates crooked wood, while the lower cutting speed minimizes the generation of fines and pins. Gentle side discharge of chips reduces fiber damage caused by the blowing wings of the chipper disc.

Features of the ANDRITZ TwinChipper

  • Reduced chip damage
  • Horizontal feeding of tree-length wood
  • Minimal oversize and overthick chips
  • Highest possible chip quality and yield from breakage
  • Low pins and fines generation



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