ANDRITZ service team

Do you want to raise your mill maintenance to world class level?

In this case we have the perfect solution, the Mill Wide Maintenance Service, where you will have an ANDRITZ team to carry out the complete maintenance of your mill, guaranteeing the maintenance cost and world-class performance.

With maintenance structured by processes and best practices, ANDRITZ's maintenance team works to support the mill’s operating team. With ANDRITZ you will also have:

  • Performance linked to a bonus and penalty contract
  • Online asset performance technology with Metris
  • Increase in MTBF / decrease in MTTR.
  • Guaranteed maintenance budget

You have two options:

Hybrid Maintenance Team

Customer team having ANDRITZ maintenance management to achieve results. Providing ANDRITZ maintenance knowledge through leadership.

ANDRITZ Maintenance Team

ANDRITZ Maintenance Team in charge of complete mill maintenance. Providing customers time to focus on core business.

How the Guaranteed Budget Contract works 

ANDRITZ guarantees that you will not spend anything more than planned for maintenance in the year. To make this possible, we operate with a wider range than traditional maintenance providers offer:


ANDRITZ’s value proposition guaranteed by

  • Experience with the Performance Model with Guaranteed Budget
  • More than 10 years of experience in this model
  • More than 1000 engineers and technicians in the field
  • Knowledge in Pulp and Paper Processes, Machinery and Controls
  • Combining Metris technology, ANDRITZ Services and Maintenance
  • Culture of Safety and People Management
  • Asset management technology
  • Maintenance Intelligence Platform
  • Cost control

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