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Do you need to improve your Maintenance performance?

The Performance Study and Implementation (PSI) approach is much more than just consultancy. With PSI, while the mill maintenance team works on a routine basis, ANDRITZ works with a small team of specialists on improvement projects.

PSI Differences

  • Own proven methodology
  • Identification of bottlenecks, main problems or opportunities
  • ANDRITZ is committed to delivering results, far beyond consulting, it guarantees improved performance and reduced unplanned events
  • ANDRITZ team works in partnership with the maintenance team, guiding the implementation of the action plan

With PSI we offer:

  • Guiding your Maintenance to world-class performance;
  • Easy and quick implementation, not promoting major structural changes;
  • Use of online asset monitoring technologies aimed at diagnosing the condition and anticipating possible failures, thus increasing reliability;
  • Own work methodologies tested in the field with effective results;
  • Benchmarks and solution bank for existing problems, through ANDRITZ's global contract network;
  • Experience in pulp & paper processes and maintenance requirements as a manufacture of process equipment
  • Performance based agreements linked to the increase in maintenance and production performance.

Maintenance know-how beyond plain consulting

OPE performance

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  • Performance Study and Implementation

    Maintenance Know-How Beyond Just Consultancy

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