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Do you need to improve the performance of your outages?

A typical shutdown takes between 7 and 12 days and represents between 25% and 30% of the annual maintenance cost, which is why ANDRITZ developed the Shutdown Management Service to help customers improve the outage performance.

With this service, the ANDRITZ team manages, executes and then monitors the restart of the mill, after the Shutdown, monitoring the next 15 days after the Shutdown looking at the stability of production as a measurement of the performance of the outage, ensuring that the schedules and budgets are met with the minimum loss of production.

Production curve

Outage Startup Production Curve (tpd) 2010-2017


ANDRITZ uses its IIoT technology, Metris, to monitor the outage schedule in  real time, allowing for faster decision making. Get to know this technology in the video below.

Monitor your shutdown in real-time

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