Cutting tools of the ADuro U shredder

ADuro U shredder

One-step processing down to small particle sizes

The ADuro U is a powerful single-shaft shredder and shreds the material with only one step to the required size. With integrated screens from 10-150 mm the output quality and the throughput can be customized. The robust machine is powerful, energy-efficient, reliable and maintenance-friendly.

A multi-talent at work: see the ADuro U shredder (former Universal Shredder FRP) in action

ADuro U shredder

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Benefits of the ADuro U shredder

  • One-step processing down to 10 mm particle size
  • Powerful shredding of a wide range of input materials
  • Innovative cutting system with large surface area
  • Hydraulic pendulum pusher with adjustable speeds and pressures
  • Full accessibility to wear parts for easy maintenance

Easy operation and maintenance

The ADuro U shredder is engineered and built for years of heavy-duty operation. Ease of maintenance is a hallmark of the design and is guaranteed by several smart features.

The hydraulic service hatch between the pendulum and rotor was designed with safety and efficiency in mind, giving full accessibility to the wear parts. Due to the size of the ADuro U-2500X and U-3000X, both machines come equipped with an additional front hatch to further facilitate maintenance work, providing access to the interior from two sides of the machine.


  • Household/industrial waste
  • Whole logs
  • Bulky plastics
  • Pulp and paper rejects
  • Textiles
  • Wood
  • Paper

Output: household / industrial waste

Output material: wood and pallets

Output material: pulper rejects

Output material: textile


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