ANDRITZ SYNERGY™ service packages for recycling

ANDRITZ SYNERGYTM* recycling service packages are perfectly suited for companies where equipment maintenance and repair is not a core competence. With the backing of a global support network, you are ensured that your plant is being serviced on the basis of the latest technical findings and in compliance with all aspects of safety - achieving high availability and safeguarding rated capacity and output.

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The BASIC package provides essential and comprehensive support for your machinery. This package includes remote assistance from our service experts and through digital channels, ensuring that help is readily available when you need it. In addition, our priority support guarantees swift response times for urgent matters, minimizing any potential downtime. We also offer regular software updates to keep your machinery operating at its best, incorporating the latest features and enhancements. With our BASIC package, you can rely on our expertise and resources to maintain smooth operation and maximize productivity.


We will help you avoid problems before they occur by providing machine inspections and reports, including related labor, travel times, and expenses. An ANDRITZ expert will meticulously inspect your machines based on a defined checklist, carefully documenting their current condition. If any maintenance jobs are needed, our expert will provide detailed suggestions and can also replace wear parts. Our goal is to detect wear at an early stage and ensure that your machines are in optimal working condition. Trust us to provide thorough maintenance support and keep your machines running smoothly, maximizing productivity while minimizing the risk of unexpected issues.


We offer comprehensive services to keep your machines efficient and durable. Our approach includes detailed schedules for on-site preventive maintenance, providing all the necessary resources for these visits. We will tailor our services based on machine type or plant size, including occasion-related visits to meet your specific needs. Along with on-site visits, we will provide reports, discounts on spare parts, and customized maintenance schedules. Our goal is to ensure high production quality with calculable costs and minimal organizational effort on your part. Trust us to keep your machines running smoothly and maximize productivity while you focus on growing your business.


If maximum machine availability is your top priority, then the PREMIUM ADD-ONS Package is the right choice for you. The package can be tailored to your requirements and provides the opportunity to hand over wear part management to a reliable and trusted partner. Additionally, we offer performance workshops to improve safety and equipment availability while reducing lifetime costs and risks.

ANDRITZ’s modular Service Contract Portfolio offers you maximum flexibility – choose the service package that suits your needs best!

  • Work with a trusted service partner that assumes responsibility and adheres to the highest quality standards.
  • Free up valuable internal resources by letting us assist you so that you can focus fully on your primary product business.
  • Increase your ability to plan costs and avoid costly downtimes of your plant at the same time.

ANDRITZ Recycling offers customized synergy agreements

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And exploit the full potential of your recycling plant:

Value-added services
  • Stable operation throughout production
  • Remote monitoring of the entire plant from the headquarters in Austria
  • Compliance with emission limits
  • Proven high-tech solutions
  • Increased availability of the overall plant
  • Continuous plant improvements
  • Reduction of scheduled shutdown time
  • Preventive measures
  • Extensive and highly efficient maintenance
  • Far-sighted innovation for future savings
  • Safety and quality are not compromised
  • 160 years of ANDRITZ expertise


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