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ANDRITZ Recycling can help to keep your operations running smoothly and reliably. Our services are designed to complement your own in-house capabilities:  to fill in the gaps and add expertise where needed so that you have the most cost-effective program possible.

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Replacement parts and consumables

We offer genuine OEM replacement parts for the equipment we produce (shredders, rotary shears, granulators, cutting mills, dewatering presses, sorters, separation machines, etc.) and also consumable wear parts such as chains, knives, etc. that can be found on many brands of equipment.  We have developed an online digital replacement parts catalog that makes parts selection and ordering more efficient.  We also offer regional or on-site inventory management programs that provide replacement parts and logistical support to develop minimum strategic inventory levels.

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ANDRITZ SYNERGY service agreements

We work in close partnership with your plant personnel to avoid duplication of services and to achieve the best results.  For companies where equipment maintenance and repair is not a core competence, we offer customized ANDRITZ SYNERGY service packages.  With the backing of a global support network, you are ensured that your plant is being services on the basis of the latest technical findings and in compliance with all aspects of safety - achieving high availability and safeguarding rated capacity and output.

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Quick-response repair services

Our specialists have access to certified workshops to provide quick response for repairs.  While other “local” companies might offer limited capabilities, none understand the machinery and processes as well as ANDRITZ.  When needed, local specialists are backed by ANDRITZ’s worldwide service organization, giving them access to industry experts.

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Product upgrades/modernization

ANDRITZ recycling equipment specialists can be by your side (either physically or through IIoT tools) to analyze your operations, assess the condition of your equipment, and advise you how to upgrade the efficiency and performance of a machine.  Quite often, the latest advances in component design (particularly wear surfaces) can be retrofitted to existing machines.

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Process optimization

After on-site observation (asking questions to understand your requirements and taking samples to understand site-specific conditions), we develop solutions and recommend possible alternatives.  The result is a proposed performance improvement roadmap that provides you with solid decision-making criteria.  It is here that our global experience working in different segments (E-scrap, refrigerator recycling, RDF, wood waste, mill rejects, plastics, organics, etc.) allows us to bring a different set of eyes to your operation.

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Online/remote diagnostics

Online monitoring, based on a direct and safe connection between your control system and an ANDRITZ service center, supports your staff in operating and optimizing your plant. This remote monitoring and assistance is particularly valuable during the commissioning phase, for analysis of product behavior, or in gathering data to identify improvement potential.

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Simulation and training

Our training kits are as versatile as requirements and skills are. Be it technology training for beginners or modular machine training for operators and service staff – you will profit from a high level of practical experience, state-of-the-art training documents and the know-how of our highly qualified experts. Knowing technical machine details as well as how to operate the equipment in the most efficient way is essential for a long-lasting machine that performs well to support your day-to-day business.

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