ANDRITZ Ballistic Separator ReBal

Efficient removal of bulky waste compounds

A solid, inclined screen plate that oscillates sets the material on it in motion. Heavy and spherical or cubic parts roll down into the heavy fraction, which includes unwanted debris – such as stones, bricks, and other heavy items – that have to be removed in order to protect the downstream equipment in a reject line. Furthermore, this fraction includes very valuable compounds, such as plastic bottles or cans. All flat and light particles – such as plastics, sheets of paper – move upwards towards the light fraction. The screen plate (sieve) creates a fine fraction.

The ReBal can process wet material (with consistencies down to 20%) and has a high throughput of up to 60 m³/h. The machine is manufactured in-house and has already been applied in several reject lines supplied by ANDRITZ.

ANDRITZ Ballistic Separator

Heavy fractions:

  • stones
  • bricks
  • bottles (plastic, glass)
  • cans
  • other heavy items

Light, heavy, and fine fractions from drum pulper rejects

Benefits: ANDRITZ Ballistic Separator

  • Closed system for clean machine environment
  • Various adjustment possibilities (e.g. angle of inclination, machine speed) and screen plates
  • High throughput up to 60 m³/h
  • Low energy consumption
  • Gas-spring-supported maintenance openings ensure easy accessibility

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