ANDRITZ Sediment Separator ReSed

Efficient removal of sand or other heavy solids from liquids

A sediment separator – often also called sand separator – removes sand or other heavy solids from liquids. In a paper mill, those liquids are mainly filtrates from HD cleaners. The principle is quite simple: the feed flow is fed to a sedimentation tank where the heavy particles settle at the bottom; the settled particles are conveyed upwards by an inclined, shaftless screw while being dewatered further; and the dewatered solids drop off at the top of the screw where they are typically collected in a container.

ANDRITZ Sediment Separator ReSed-F

Recycling Sediment Separator ReSed-H

Sediment Separator ReSed-F

Removing heavy solids from liquids

With the ReSed-F, a huge leap forward can be achieved in efficiency thanks to optimization of the sedimentation tank geometry and the internal flow pattern.

Sediment Separator ReSed-H

Drainage of coarse particles

The ANDRITZ ReSed-H is a robust sediment separator for drainage of heavy rejects with high volume flows created by pulper junk traps and the like. The entire volume coming from discontinuous junk traps is fed into the vat all at once. The water is drained off efficiently, and heavy rejects are removed by a sturdy, shaftless screw (diameter 600 mm) and brought to a container for further treatment or disposal.

Working principle of the ANDRITZ ReSed-F

Working principle of the ANDRITZ ReSed-H

Benefits: Sediment Separator ReSed-F

  • Efficient separation of heavy particles
  • ƒSmart design of sedimentation tank
  • ƒTrouble-free operation, also for larger debris
  • ƒExcellent clear water quality
  • ƒLow energy consumption and maintenance costs thanks to simple and robust design

Bemefits: Sediment Separator ReSed-H

  • Efficient drainage of high volume flows
  • ƒTrouble-free operation for larger debris
  • ƒLow energy consumption
  • ƒHigh filtrate quality due to optimized drain overflow
  • ƒLow maintenance costs due to simple and robust design (no sealings required)

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