ANDRITZ decanter centrifuge for food

Excellence in separation process for food industry with ANDRITZ decanter centrifuges F

With more than 15.000 decanter centrifuges installed, ANDRITZ decanter centrifuge F, especially designed for the food industry, meets the most demanding separation requirements. Your application is specific? Our ANDRITZ decanter centrifuge F is it also!

Adjustable skimmer on decanter centrifuge F

Adjustable skimmer in operation to insure a better clarification and a yield optimisation


A reliable and efficient separation technology

Created by the merger of the best of GUINARD and KHD HUMBOLT decanter technology, the ANDRITZ decanter centrifuge F is the new generation of decanter which has proven its efficiency and reliability in various food applications. We count thousands of satisfied users with the ANDRITZ decanter centrifuge F, not only because of its standard characteristics but above all for the specific features added over time.

At ANDRITZ SEPARATION, we know your process and we pay attention to your needs. So each application has its own designed decanter with its equipment by feature to reach the best performances and meet top level requirements.

ANDRITZ decanter centrifuge F: The tailor made decanter

For a perfect clarification and best dryness of solids we adjust the design of the rotor to your specific application: standard or low angle, L/D ratio, open or plain flight scroll. The several possibilities of our specially designed gearbox in different materials give the most accurate adjustment of the scroll speed. Our decanter is provided with gravity (tangential or vertical) or pressure discharge (centripetal pump or adjustable skimmer) to ensure the most suitable liquid discharge for your application.

Three levels of finishing

Depending on your application and the destination of the final product, ANDRITZ SEPARATION experts will recommend you a different level of finishing:

  • Base, for a good value for money: Carbon steel frame, plastic cover, polished execution Ra 3.2µ
  • Performance, the ANDRITZ Food grade standard machine: Plain carbon steel frame with stainless steel inside with polished surface, cover in stainless steel, polished execution Ra1.6µ
  • Sanitary, designed to ensure the best cleanliness: Plain stainless steel frame with integrated casing and polished surface, cover in stainless steel, polished execution Ra <0.8µ. The decanter is delivered with CIP (Cleaning In Place) to ensure the best cleanliness.

Whatever the level of finishing, you can benefit from the following standard scope of supply

  • g-Force up to 3,500g
  • 3 types of motorisation dedicated to your application
  • Protection against abrasion (Tungsten carbide replaceable wear parts or special material on scroll flight)
  • All wetted parts in Stainless Steel  (1.4401, 1.4362) or Duplex (1.4462, 1.4507)
  • Standard washing points (solid casing, liquid casing, feed tube double skin)
  • Bowl washing ramp and special added washing points for performance and sanitary machine
  • Adjustable skimmer in operation

In the ANDRITZ decanter centrifuge F, in either 2 or 3 phases configuration, the liquid phase can be discharged under pressure (1,5 to 2bars) by means of a skimmer (also named “pipette”) and be adjusted per mm during operation. This device insures a better clarification, an yield optimization when feed is variable, and avoids downtimes as it is not needed to stop production to change set up.

Low energy consumption of the ANDRITZ decanter centrifuge F

Each ANDRITZ decanter centrifuge F s designed with keeping in mind low energy consumption and a motorization adapted to the needs of your application. The driving system is either:

  • by main motor and stepped pulleys for fixed speeds (frequency inverter may be installed for bowl speed variation) for constant solids content in feed.
  • by main motor and generator, each equipped with a variable frequency drive (VFD), for adjustable bowl and screw speeds, for most of application
  • by direct drive, for difficult applications - Applying power directly to the decanter’s scroll drive reduces the installed power and  reduces power losses in motors

Easy dismantling of the ANDRITZ decanter centrifuge F

While you are saving time in production, no need to lose time in handling! The in-line design of our ANDRITZ decanter centrifuge F allows an easy dismantling (just basic lifting equipment and an operator). This configuration brings you maintenance and handling cost savings.

Benefits of the ANDRITZ decanter centrifuge F:

  • Available in 2 or 3 phases (3 machines in one : heavy or light phase discharged under pressure and 2 phases machine with plugs instead of nozzles in bowl)
  • Modular design to fit with customer needs and best performance
  • Maximum security with vibration, bearing temperature and motors probes, washing nozzles integrated in frame and not in cover
  • Low maintenance cost and easy dismantling with unique in line design
  • Pressure liquid discharge with low oxygen pick-up
  • Optimum product quality thanks to special feed chamber, assuring gentle treatment
  • Long service life due to robust design and high-grade materials
  • Maximum hygiene as a result of excellent cleaning properties and fully automated CIP


  • Beverage extraction: wine, juices
  • Soya, rice, and oat milk
  • Dairy: casein, lactose, calcium phosphate, milk proteins
  • Oil & fats: olive oil (2 and 3 phases), rapeseed oil, palm oil
  • Animal processing
  • Green chemicals (Starch, proteins, bioethanol, Vinasses K2S04)

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Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) system on decanter centrifuge

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