Pressure filtration with highest throughput at lowest residual moisture

The ANDRITZ hyperbaric disc filter is the right choice whenever continuous filtration with highest solids throughput, lowest residual moisture, and clear filtrate are required in one unit. More than 150 customers all around the globe are already profiting from this technology.

ANDRITZ hyperbaric disc filter

ANDRITZ hyperbaric disc filter

Hyperbaric disc filter for mining

Patented discharge device with a level probe



The ANDRITZ hyperbaric disc filter is a very competitive technology for filtration requiring high throughputs as the cost per ton will be less compared to other equipment for high tonnages. Customers can save up to 50% of the total cost of ownership thanks to:

  • Lower filter cloth consumption
  • Fully automated and continuous operation
  • Highest specific throughput generated thanks to the high-pressure system
  • Small footprint as less space is required for a large filter area


Moisture content is an important key parameter in many processes. Thanks to the high pressure differential of up to 5.8 bar, the ANDRITZ hyperbaric disc filter can obtain a low residual moisture and thus meets process requirements and save transportation costs because of the reduced weight.


The ANDRITZ hyperbaric disc filter generates a clear filtrate, thus avoiding accumulation of fine particles in the process water circuit and optimizing water recirculation in the system.


  • Up to 50% better in total cost of ownership thanks to lower filter cloth consumption, fully automated and continuous operation, highest specific throughput, and small footprint
  • Highest throughput and lowest residual moisture due to high pressure differential of 2 up to 5.8 bar and continuous operation
  • Increased heating value of fine coal and cost savings in thermal drying (or possibly operations without drying) thanks to lower moisture content
  • Lower cost for conveyors and other peripherals due to continuous operation
  • Clear filtrate for optimized water recirculation to avoid accumulation of fine particles in the process water circuit
  • Processing of fine ore
  • Less emissions to the environment thanks to closed system design


  • Performance monitoring through inspection window
  • Field-tested double gate valve
  • 20 stainless steel filter cells per disc for a better internal process
  • Up to 50% depth of submersion of the filter discs in filter vat, enabling higher throughput and greater flexibility in terms of process parameters
  • “Snap-blow“ discharge ensures that the filter cake is removed entirely, generating higher throughput with fully automated cake discharge and no manual support required
  • Stainless steel filter vat for reduced corrosion
  • Easy-to-change stainless steel filter segments and filtrate pipes for easy maintenance


  • Fine coal
  • Bauxite
  • Iron ore
  • Copper flotation concentrate
  • Red mud
  • Tailings
  • Other ores and minerals
ANDRITZ hyperbaric disc filter HBF

The ANDRITZ hyperbaric disc filter HBF is the superior solution for mining applications in combination with high throughputs

Hyperbaric disc filter HBF: Operating principle

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