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Continuous strip processing furnaces

ANDRITZ Metals continuous furnaces are used to heat up the strip after cold rolling. The furnace technology is adjusted according to the strip quality and mechanical properties to be achieved.

ANDRITZ Metals provides solutions to produce the steel qualities required by the automotive or other industries in order to save energy and meet CO2 reduction targets.

Furnace section

Furnace section

ANDRITZ Metals provides state-of-the-art furnaces of different types for continuous strip processing lines. Whether for carbon steel, stainless steel, or silicon steel, a suitable furnace design is always available.

Depending on the requirements, these furnaces are able to process strip dimensions of 0.05 mm to 13 mm thickness, and up to 2,000 mm in width. The atmosphere inside the furnaces can be a normal waste gas or a protective atmosphere – typically a mixture of nitrogen and hydrogen, or even pure hydrogen.

The range of horizontal or vertical furnaces covers handling of all different strip qualities. The optimized design minimizes energy consumption and space requirements, while the strip quality fulfills mechanical property as well as surface quality requirements.

The furnaces are always delivered with the appropriate automation software, designed and optimized by means of mathematical simulation models. Integration of these furnaces into the complete processing line is one of the benefits that ANDRITZ Metals offers as a strip processing line provider. Extensive experience and the latest technology enable ANDRITZ Metals to supply customized turnkey solutions.

Horizontal annealing line furnace for stainless steel

Horizontal annealing line furnace for stainless steel 

Tianjin Ansteel Tiantie, continuous annealing line

Tianjin Ansteel Tiantie, continuous annealing line

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