PrimeCal modular calendering

Soft and hard nip calendering

PrimeCal calenders for paper and board machines

ANDRITZ PrimeCal calenders provide full control of the nip and a finish that creates paper and board qualities with optimum printability. They are well suited for final calendering of newsprint, fine papers, and different types of board. By making use of the single element-controlled PrimeRoll MHV technology, all PrimeCal calenders are able to create state-of-the-art CD caliper profiles.

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PrimeCal modular calendering

Special calendering fastening system

Easy PrimeCal roll change concept

Soft nip calendering

The ANDRITZ PrimeCal Soft enables reliable soft calendering for a wide range of applications. It is based on the proven Mat-On-Line technology. The soft calendering process utilizes rolls with a soft, elastic cover that form a nip replicating the surface of the tempered roll with a hard surface – thus improving the paper properties. The finish in general enhances the performance characteristics and printability of the web.

Hard nip calendering

The PrimeCal Hard calender is well suited for precalendering and final calendering of all paper and board grades. It provides a consistent CD caliper profile, bulk control, and excellent surface finish.

Easy roll change concept

  • Quick lock system
  • No specials tools and hooks needed
  • Roll change with slings
  • Doctors don’t need to be dismantled

At a glance

  • Easy roll change concept
  • Short roll changing times
  • Individual roll configuration
  • Compatible with all roll concepts
  • Good access for maintenance and inspections
  • Fits in all existing paper and board machines
  • Compact cylinder loading with lever system
  • Fast nip opening after web break
  • Compact and solid design
  • Energy efficient

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ANDRITZ benefits

  • Increased safety
  • Maximum production
  • Reduced lifecycle costs
  • Reliability and cost efficiency

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