PrimeCal ProSoft – Multi nip calendering

ANDRITZ PrimeCal calenders provide full control of the nip and a paper finishing that provides best paper and board qualities with optimum printability.

​​​​​​​They are well-suited for final calendering of newsprint, fine papers, and different types of board. By making use of the single element-controlled PrimeRoll MHV technology the PrimeCal calenders are able to create state-of-the-art CD caliper profiles.

PrimeCal ProSoft – multi-nip calender

PrimeCal ProSoft – multi-nip calender

Multi-nip calendering

The PrimeCal ProSoft multi-nip calender is applied when exceptional paper qualities are required. Due to the configuration with a higher number of rolls, highest gloss and smoothness levels can be achieved. Using the patented “Nip Power Management system”, with individually driven rolls, the shear stress on the web is controlled and roll cover life is increased. Depending on the required paper qualities, the PrimeCal ProSoft can be operated with a variety of nips and soft covers, and within a wide range of operating conditions, such as line loads and temperatures suitable for on-line and off-line installations.

At a glance

  • Elimination of all horizontal forces in the nip
  • Uniform nip geometry
  • Best calendering effects (high compressive stress in the nip)
  • Reduced stresses for the roll covers (drive, edges)
  • No local peaks of nip pressure – better CD web profile
  • Higher strength of the sheet possible

Benefit from ANDRITZ advanced PrimeCal technology and...

  • Increase safety
  • Maximize production
  • Reduce overall lifecycle costs
  • Improve reliability and cost efficiency

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