Recycling of pulp and paper mill rejects

With very high recovery rates, wastepaper has become a very important raw material to substitute virgin fiber in the paper industry. However, the contaminants it contains (inks, glues, plastics, etc.) as well as metals and tying wires in the bales themselves must be removed and processed.

The ANDRITZ Recycling portfolio includes innovative technologies for the processing of paper mill sludge and rejects, materials separation and recovery, and the generation of alternative energy sources to reduce a mill’s dependency on landfills, fossil fuels, and purchased power.

Rejects mainly result from the pulping process of a waste paper recycling line and need to be handled carefully in terms of the individual pulping system applied. As an example, the so-called ”pulper rags” are potentially a source of valuable raw material with their high proportion of steel wires. The ADuro P shredder processes the waste input material in only one step. In order to meet different requirements, a two-stage process can be applied: ADuro C shredder pre-shreds the stringy material, and ADuro G shredder is used for post-shredding. The metal is then easily cleaned and recovered.