PrimePress solutions for tissue machines

ANDRITZ has created press solutions for tissue machines with one or two press rolls.

Single and double press

The single suction press roll is the standard technology for tissue applications. Its role is to assist in mechanical dewatering of the sheet, transfer of the sheet to the Yankee, and maintain good contact between the sheet and the Yankee surface. The suction zones of the press dewater the felt to optimal moisture content before entering the press nip and also dewater the sheet before the nip. In the press nip - typically for roll presses - a symmetrical pressure curve is given, being prone to some rewetting. Rewetting can be minimized by the application of shoe press technology.

At a glance

  • Optimized design and layout to allow for low vacuum consumption
  • Crowning accounts for roll deflection to ensure cross profile uniformity
  • Suction roll with drive-side exhaust for easy maintenance
  • Different press roll configurations for different grades

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