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Safe, Smart, Sustainable – ANDRITZ HERB Recovery Boilers

State-of-the-art recovery boiler reliability through innovation and lifecycle services. ANDRITZ world record-breaking recovery boilers for kraft mills are designed to achieve a high power-to-heat ratio to maximize both chemical recovery and energy generation from the recovery process. Combining our process expertise and Metris digitalization technologies, ANDRITZ has developed autonomous recovery boiler solutions to maximize the potential of your recovery boiler throughout its entire lifecycle, supporting your success in the era of digitalization and beyond.


Number one in recovery boilers: Market leadership with decades of experience

A proven track record brings significant value to all recovery boiler customers. With a large installed base, ANDRITZ has supplied recovery boilers all over the globe, including those with the world’s highest capacity. Our smart solutions combine world-leading recovery boiler expertise with the latest Metris digital innovations to increase the level of recovery boiler autonomy. With our high-performance boilers, we can provide customers high lifecycle efficiency with low lifecycle costs. ANDRITZ recovery boilers have world’s highest availability, with long cleanability and durable design. Our recovery boilers are number one in efficiency: high energy, high pressure, high temperature, high recovery. We are a reliable partner and deliver as promised.

Our continuous research and development activities focus on supporting customers in achieving sustainable production with higher capacities as well as higher energy efficiency. At ANDRITZ there is also an added focus on minimizing the consumption of energy, chemicals, and water in a safe and environmentally friendly way. Occupational, environmental, and operational safety are our key priority. New recovery boiler technologies concentrate on the by-products of pulp production and on creating green energy.

Safety and sustainability



  • Occupational, environmental and operational safety
  • Emission efficiency
  • Large installed base
  • World’s highest capacity
  • Smart solutions
  • High lifecycle efficiency with low lifecycle costs
  • World’s highest availability
  • Long cleanability
  • Durability
  • Deliveries as promised

ANDRITZ recovery boiler – The heart of the pulp mill

  • Chemical reduction rate over 99%
  • Production of renewable energy to grid from one unit up to 180 MW
  • Tailored to process needs from 100 tds/d up to 15,000 tds/d

ANDRITZ recovery boilers breaking world records

  • World´s highest availability
  • Uninterrupted operation up to 18 months
  • Number one in efficiency
  • Minimized atmospheric emissions

Maximized lifetime efficiency in process design

ANDRITZ can undertake the full range of installation, from the execution of part deliveries up to complex EPCC, EPS, and EPC projects of complete islands utilizing an “open book” approach. Strong project orientated organization ensures high quality in all phases of projects, and we are proud of our quick set-ups and extremely fast start-ups. Open and transparent communication and "problem solution" orientation creates a trusting and friendly environment in all our projects. 

ANDRITZ cooperation with customer

A full range of value-added recovery boiler services 

ANDRITZ recovery boiler services offer a full range of value-added solutions to support the performance of your recovery boiler. We provide solutions for daily operation including inspections and process studies, as well as providing automated solutions for balanced recovery boiler operation. We also offer upgrade and modernization possibilities to increase boiler lifetime and ensure unexpected downtime does not occur. This all supports the process stability, availability, and productivity.  


Safety as a top priority: people, environment, products, production, and projects.

We strive for zero accidents. Large recovery boilers’ operational safety requires high-level expertise and experience, and all our operations are carried out in compliance with environmental and quality requirements, with safety being of prime importance. Production of high-pressure and high-temperature steam with world-class capacities requires decades of recovery boiler experience and accumulated special expertise. From the customer point of view this means profitable scalability, operational safety from installation to commissioning and maintenance, and high productivity with uninterrupted recovery boiler running time.

ANDRITZ Specialists

Maximize the potential of your
recovery boiler with

Combining our process expertise and state-of-the-art Metris digitalization technologies, ANDRITZ has developed autonomous recovery boiler solutions, an all-in-one Industry 4.0 solution to help your recovery boiler achieve increased stability, availability, productivity, safety, and chemical recovery as well as reduced emissions and OPEX. In addition, an increasing level of autonomy can be obtained gradually through step-by-step integration Metris digitization.

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Often described as the “beating heart” of a pulp mill, the recovery boiler has come a long way since it was first invented nearly 100 years ago. Although recovery boilers carry out a virtually irreplaceable function at pulp mills, including the recovering inorganic chemicals, burning organic chemicals and recovering heat for generating energy, there is still work to be done when it comes to emissions - especially NOx emissions.

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ANDRITZ's expert team mastering recovery boiler solutions.
Meet Members of the ANDRITZ Recovery Boiler Sales Team

The ANDRITZ recovery boiler product group has performed in excellent fashion over recent years with the sales team securing a high percentage of the market across the globe. But who are they, where do they work, and what makes them so special?

New recovery boiler concept: ultra-low emissions, maximum energy efficiency

As part of its CircleToZero initiative to reduce emissions and waste at pulp mills, ANDRITZ never stops innovating to obtain maximum results. One of the latest developments for pulp mills has resulted in a new recovery boiler concept with low emissions while maintaining high energy efficiency at the same time.

Above and Beyond – Meeting Smurfit Kappa’s Environmental and Sustainability Goals

Packaging giant Smurfit Kappa is extremely cautious and demanding when it comes to making sure sustainability goals are met in its operations, often going above and beyond when it comes to meeting environmental regulations. The company recently embarked on its biggest investment program ever – the Future Energy Project – at its Nettingsdorf mill in Austria. ANDRITZ was chosen to supply key technology in order to achieve its sustainability ambitions.

Laos - Empire of the sun

Sun Paper Holding Laos started up its 300,000 t/a greenfield pulp mill near the small town of Xepon, Savannakhet Province, Laos, last year after just 20 months from the signing of supplier contracts. ANDRITZ was chosen to supply various key technologies for the project.

OKI: All set to take on the world

Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) has often made it abundantly clear that its ambition is to be the No.1 supplier of pulp and paper around the world. The company’s last 2.8 million tonnes a year development, OKI, is a signal that those ambitions remain firmly in place. ANDRITZ technology is right at the center of the greenfield mill development in the province of South Sumatra, Indonesia.

Fibria: One team - one goal

It sits like a gleaming city surrounded by a sea of green. Fibria’s Três Lagoas pulp mill is now one of the world’s largest pulp making facilities. With the new Horizonte 2 line starting up at the mill in August 2017, the company is on target to produce over 7.25 million tonnes a year of top quality, prime eucalyptus pulp.

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