Sustainable paper and board production with PrimeLine technologies and services

We offer innovative technologies and services for paper and board producers that enable resource savings and reduce environmental impact. Contact our experts worldwide to find out the details and to optimize or extend your production processes.


We offer products and services for the entire paper and board production process, from fiber preparation to the paper and board machine, with fabrics and rolls, pumps, automation, and services that help to reduce the environmental impact without compromising on the quality of the end product.

Here is a selection from our product range:

  • The latest Prime products for fiber preparation are designed to have the lowest possible impact on the environment by providing high operating efficiency and lower energy consumption.
  • Innovative technologies for the processing of paper mill sludge and rejects, materials separation and recovery, and the use of alternative energy sources all conserve valuable resources and reduce a mill’s dependency on landfill, fossil fuels, and purchased power.
  • Install the latest headbox dilution profile and soft layering technology to enhance the mechanical properties of the recycled fibers, the shoe blade GapFormer to retrofit and convert graphic paper machines for the packaging grades portfolio, or the new-generation shoe press to save steam in the dryer section, thus reducing CO2 emissions.
  • Save CO2 emissions by utilizing ANDRITZ Fabrics and Rolls’ unique closed-loop economy project for press felts. With this recycling approach, it is possible to save up to 5% of CO2 emissions in the starting phase. While we have gained positive experience with meanwhile 55 press felts delivered to the market, we are now focusing on initial trials with forming fabrics.
  • Quantum Xtreme roll covers can be operated without a cooling system thanks to the extremely low hysteresis development under press load and to their sophisticated bonding system. Press rolls operating without a cooling system and with greater open surface areas also contribute towards improvements in dryness content of 1% and more after the press. A sizable reduction is also achieved in CO2 emissions compared to conventional roll cover technology.
  • Install a larger-diameter PrimeDry Steel Yankee in combination with a steam-heated PrimeDry Hood. Steam generated with biomass is used in both systems, resulting in a drying system with zero CO2eq emissions.
  • With ANDRITZ paper finishing components, we provide sustainable solutions in calendering and coating processes. Minimize production downtime with easily accessible, maintenance-friendly and efficient systems. Save energy through reduced drying demands or increase your production speed. Cut your production costs while conserving resources by reducing coating color requirements. Increase your profitability through reduced raw material consumption, intelligent energy management and immediate optimization of production parameters.
  • Use digital solutions such as ANDRITZ Metris to optimize production while minimizing the paper or board mill’s total GHG emissions.

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