Iron ore

From concentrate dewatering to tailings treatment, let’s boost your efficiency!

ANDRITZ provides the industry’s most comprehensive range of customized separation solutions and services for iron ore concentrate thickening and filtration, as well as for economical tailings treatment.

Concentrate dewatering: higher throughput, lower costs

Dewatering iron ore concentrates is a crucial step in enhancing their handling and transportation by removing excess water. The selection of a suitable dewatering method depends on various factors, including moisture content, particle size distribution, and downstream process requirements.

At ANDRITZ, we specialize in providing tailored separation solutions to meet the specific needs of iron ore producers. The solutions we offer encompass a wide range of equipment, including high-rate and paste thickeners, filter presses, and pressure drum, vacuum drum, and disc filters. Through years of experience, we have developed this diverse portfolio of reliable equipment, ensuring consistently high throughputs while minimizing energy consumption, spare parts requirements, and downtime. Our expertise enables us to customize dewatering processes, resulting in streamlined operations and efficient resource utilization. These processes are continuously monitored by cutting-edge automation systems to maintain the highest level of effectiveness and productivity.

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Efficient dewatering of iron ore tailings: creating more value from waste

With our expertise and cutting-edge technologies for iron ore tailings, we are committed to helping you maximize water recovery while minimizing environmental impact. In order to reduce freshwater consumption, mitigate environmental risks, and achieve sustainable operations, it is crucial to recover as much process water as possible before recirculation. Our refined flocculant dosing, thickening, and filtration solutions produce drier tailings, reliably and efficiently. This helps you optimize storage capacity, reduce transportation costs, minimize the need for freshwater intake, and enhance the overall operational efficiency of your facility at minimum operating costs.

Customer testimonial of iron ore producer ITAMINAS, Brazil

Key application areas

Whether it’s magnetite, hematite, goethite, limonite, or siderite, our comprehensive range of separation solutions enables us to supply complete dewatering systems to make your operation successful.

Where we fit into your process

Process line for iron ore from production to tailings treatment


Process know-how and broad portfolio

Having served large producers like Jindal along with smaller operators such as CML Metals, we know the complex challenges you face. With thousands of professionals and more than one hundred iron ore solutions in operation, every new challenge is a welcome opportunity. A chance to put our experience, financial strength, and technical resources to work for you. And by exploring innovative new ways to safely handle tailings or automate and monitor remote facilities, we ensure that you are ready for the future as well.

"With just four hyperbaric disc filters from ANDRITZ we can handle more than 1,000 tons of dry solids per hour. No other supplier could match these volumes with such low installation and maintenance costs."


A wide range of equipment to tailor the right separation solution to meet your needs

Thanks to our comprehensive range of separation solutions, we are able to supply complete dewatering plants. We can also provide and optimize multiple technologies for specific applications – from belt and filter presses to vacuum belt, drum, and disc filters, as well as thickeners and plants for water recovery.

Our proven solutions for the mining and minerals industry not only ensure high throughput with low residual moisture, but can also reduce operating costs thanks to optimization, automation, and maintenance-friendly design.

Would you like to dewater more ore with less impact? The customer story of the PMC magnetite dewatering plant explains how it’s done:

How do you dewater more ore with less impact?

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ANDRITZ thickeners and flocculant plants

ANDRITZ thickeners are designed to achieve the highest production rates without compromising efficiency. For all counter-current decantation (CCD) plants, the new and improved ANDRITZ inter-stage mixing and dilution system for CCD circuits helps to reduce the footprint and consequently cut CAPEX while maintaining low operating costs. The innovative paste thickener design facilitates highly clarified liquid recovery as well as maximum underflow densities. Learn more about this technology

ANDRITZ hyperbaric disc filter

ANDRITZ hyperbaric disc filters (HBF)

The ANDRITZ hyperbaric disc filter is the right choice whenever you require continuous filtration with maximum solids throughput, minimum residual moisture, and clear filtrate in a single unit, as is the case for coal and iron ore tailings. Learn more about this technology


STARDISC vacuum disc filters

The STARDISC product family of vacuum disc filters offers you a highly efficient filter operation to achieve these objectives and gives you a decisive competitive edge. It provides a maximum level of flexibility and is based on proven technologies that you can rely on – day after day. Learn more about this technology

ANDRITZ sidebar and overhead filter presses

We offer a wide range of filter presses with sidebar and overhead technology suitable for standard, medium-duty, and heavy-duty performance levels. Maximum flexibility is provided by the choice between simple manual to fully automated ANDRITZ sidebar filter press designs. Learn more about this technology


ANDRITZ intelligent filter press

We have combined our proven filter press automation solutions with Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies to create new mechanisms and features that promise higher product quality combined with lower operating costs. Learn more about this technology

ANDRITZ horizontal vacuum belt filter (HVBF)

ANDRITZ horizontal vacuum belt filter (HVBF)

In the most challenging applications in mining and minerals, reliable dewatering and product recovery is critical to maintaining continuous production. The Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filter (HVBF) technology provides a cost-effective solution for dewatering and product recovery. Learn more about this technology

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