Mining and minerals

Our capabilities for the minerals and mining industry

Need to boost ore throughput? Improve your separation of precious minerals? Whatever your mineral processing needs, we help you reduce operating costs and improve quality.

How to transform a desert coal mine into an award-winning oasis?

Specifically designed for the most demanding applications and minerals & mining processing

The minerals and mining industries place unique demands on technology suppliers. Whether the application is for the mining and processing of fossil fuels, ores, precious metals, commodity metals, minerals, clays, coatings, sands/shale, or rare earth elements, ANDRITZ has products and solutions to improve production, efficiency, and end product quality.

A wide range of solid/liquid separation equipment

Our customers’ process requirements and specific mineral characteristics drive the selection process of ANDRITZ technologies. That is why we offer a wide range of solid/liquid separation equipment so you can be assured of the optimum choice for your needs – thickeners, presses, filters, centrifuges, and flocculant plants and pumps. We have the ability to test options in our pilot facility to help our customers develop and tailor the right solution.

Key application areas

We have earned a reputation among many leading mining and mineral processors for providing the world’s highest-capacity dewatering technologies, with the lowest possible operating costs. For others, it’s a matter of minimizing wastewater from tailings in remote deserts or ensuring the ideal residual moisture for their final products. Whatever the challenge, our wide range of solutions for potash, coal, tailings, metal mining, and more ensures that we can always meet your requirements.

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    iron ore separation technologies

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