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Separation expertise for your success in the mining and minerals industry

Need to boost throughput? Improve tailings treatment? Or maximize water recovery? For more than a century, we have supported the evolution of industries from potash to rare earth metals. This long track record is coupled with the world’s broadest portfolio of mechanical and thermal separation technologies and innovative automation solutions. Helping you increase throughput, achieve optimal yield, maximize product quality, and reduce costs while protecting the environment.

A partner with the expertise to tackle tomorrow's challenges

Increasing dewatering throughput while preserving product quality, drying with the lowest possible energy consumption, minimizing operating costs, increasing water reuse, or minimizing tailing ponds: Efficient separation is a crucial competitive advantage in the mining and minerals business. Having mastered these challenges for more than a century, we at ANDRITZ know how to tailor our complete range of state-of-the-art technologies to meet your needs. And by exploring innovative new ways to safely handle tailings or automate and monitor remote facilities, we ensure that you are ready for the future as well.

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Key application areas

High-purity lithium, graphite and cobalt with lower energy costs

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Solutions for efficient tailings treatment

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Solutions for potash separation and drying

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Separation to the finest

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Separation technologies for gold, copper, iron and other base metals

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Concentrate dewatering: higher throughput, lower costs


Getting the most out of your minerals

No matter your conditions and surroundings, we can help you get the maximum amount of high-quality product out of your material, while keeping operating costs low. This is achieved through clever solutions to recover process water. And through equipment that is low maintenance as well as highly available and reliable. And through utilizing new developments to enable predictive maintenance and remote support. 

ANDRITZ equipment, systems, services and automation solutions ensure your separation success: High throughput, high availability, low OPEX for processing the finest minerals and rare earths as well as efficient and responsible tailings treatment.

Proven technologies meet future-proof innovations

As a partner to many of the world’s leading processors of iron ore, potash, coal and more, every solution comes with an in-depth understanding of all the separation processes involved in even the most complex global operations. What’s more, by combining our proven equipment with the latest IIoT technology, we ensure that you are at the forefront of Industry 4.0 - read more.

ANDRITZ systems are designed for the most demanding applications in mining and minerals processing and include some of the highest capacity technologies in the industry today. Our current portfolio covers the full process from sedimentation and dewatering to drying and ensures excellent throughput of high-quality products. With low operating costs and high reliability.

From flocculant plants for any sedimentation task to peeler centrifuges for dewatering lithium carbonate, from heavy-duty belt presses or hyperbaric disc filters for coal and tailings application to closed cycle contact dryers for base metals – we’ve got you covered. For the efficient and economical treatment of tailings, your can choose from a wide variety of mechanical dewatering technologies, including screen bowl decanters, thickeners and filter presses, the latter a flagship for the use of IIoT:  The intelligent filter press. It keeps you at the forefront of Industry 4.0 and ready for the future! To further optimize efficiency and maximize profit, you can take advantage of clever automation solutions like Metris Digital Twins (powered by IDEAS). Or the Metris Performance Center, a digital service and support platform for the optimization of production processes, operator troubleshooting and decision support.

Let's be brilliant. Together.

Since entering the mining and minerals industry over 100 years ago, we continuously collaborate with customers and leading universities to go beyond the limits of current technologies. Whether you are looking for cutting-edge filtration technologies, innovative drying solutions, or a more straightforward performance upgrade, we can find ways to do it better.

Many of our customers face complex challenges in remote locations and that’s why we provide accessible mobile test equipment. You can test your parameters on-site and be assured of an easy transition to industrial scale. Whatever your ambitions, we can provide the knowledge and capabilities to support your goals.

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