What work is being done to ensure cybersecurity in the pulp and paper industry?

The pulp and paper industry has come a long way when it comes to the digitalization of technology and processes. Now the use of IIoT solutions and data management in production has become virtually the norm. However, with the benefits also come the risks, in this case, the real-world risk of cyber-attacks.

Season 2 / Episode #18


Daniel Bren, CEO, OTORIO


Tatu Liimatainen, Head of OT Cybersecurity from ANDRITZ


Fortunately, there are solutions to this growing challenge. ANDRITZ has been working hard on ensuring its digital solutions have cybersecurity built in by partnering with OTORIO, a specialist cybersecurity technology company focused on operational technologies (OT).

The key focus of the partnership is to build cybersecurity as part of developed solutions and deliveries made. When cyber-secure solutions are delivered and whole life cycle is then managed using tools such as OTORIO spOT creating a digital fingerprint of delivery.

In this podcast we hear from Daniel Bren, CEO of OTORIO and Tatu Liimatainen, Head of OT Cybersecurity from ANDRITZ about the successful partnership and the ongoing developments of cybersecurity in pulp and paper operations.


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