CABinet w EPIC4 Andritz

EPIC – Advanced T/R control for ESP’s

EPIC4 is the most advanced controller we have ever made with state-of-the-art features. Exceptional charge optimization algorithm (EPOQ), intelligent energy management (EOPT), advanced and very fast spark detection and much, much more.

There is an increasing worldwide focus on reducing the environmental impact of energy production and industrial activities from governments and through public pressure. ANDRITZ has the technologies and the experience to reduce these emissions, and has implemented its know-how in the advanced EPIC4 Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) control system.

EPIC4 can be easily upgraded from EPIC II and EPIC III using our upgrade kits. The upgrade kits consist of a conversion board complete with cables and connectors.

The size is the same as EPIC III. Older and third-party controllers can of course be upgraded and replaced with EPIC4.



  • Self-optimization algorithm for best performance. The new EPOQ
  • More advanced EOPT (Energy optimization)
  • Enhanced PCR (Power control rapping)
  • Intelligent energy management (with firing ratio)
  • Advanced and very fast spark detection
  • Fast spark recovery
  • Easy Diagnostic and Troubleshooting
  • 10 rapper timers with coupling
  • Virtual I/Os
  • Alarm and limiter distribution statistics
  • Oscilloscope functionality (built-in)
  • Trend curves and operational statistics (built-in)
  • Master functionality for increased number of controllers
  • Signal quality evaluation (FFT analysis)
  • Easy documentation and backup/restore of settings.


New hardware design with high speed processors. Built-in memory for storing of operational data.

  • 6 programmable digital inputs.
  • 5 I/O groups (4 DI and one virtual)
  • Remote I/O support
  • 2 analogue transmitters for kV and ma signals.
  • 2 alarm outputs for warning and tripping alarm.
  • Alarm outputs with both NO and NC.
  • Switch between modes by digital inputs.
  • Alarm reset by digital input.
  • Dual Ethernet ports 100Mb
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