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Every day, more than 7,000 ANDRITZ employees are working hands-on in 70 manufacturing and service locations worldwide to produce custom-tailored key components as well as wear and spare parts to suit individual customer requirements for ANDRITZ systems and equipment.

Around two-thirds of the manufacturing staff work in Europe and North America, and one-third in the emerging countries of Asia, South America, and Eastern Europe. They are assisted by trained temporary staff.

ANDRITZ manufacturing focuses particularly on the production of key components critical to technology and quality. Everything else is largely purchased from qualified suppliers who are subjected to regular quality checks and on-time performance monitoring. With this proven make-or-buy strategy, it is easier to deal with changes in capacity utilization and ensure optimum use of own manufacturing capacities.

All manufacturing locations undergo continuous further development so that they can offer customers the best possible technologies. Investments concentrate on building up and expanding manufacturing capacities in the emerging countries of Asia and South America, as well as in Central and Eastern Europe on the one hand, and on modernizing existing locations in Central Europe and North America on the other.

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