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Around 65% of our current leadership in the operating sector began their careers in our training workshop. A good experience during their education was the deciding factor in staying to work for our internationally active company.

Our education team in the training workshop and experienced colleagues from various departments are there to guide you throughout your education here.

After your apprenticeship, you have a wide variety of opportunities within our company. One of our colleagues, Dominik Utri, decided to pursue an especially unique challenge…


From Graz to China with ANDRITZ at 19

An interview with Dominik UTRI:

Education at ANDRITZ:

Mechanical Engineering Apprenticeship, completed in three-and-a-half years (February 2012)


Current Occupation:

Construction since July 2012 and furthering education at an ANDRITZ partner company in the city of Harbin in Northern China.



Driving, soccer, swimming, table tennis


Instructor: What has your experience in China given you on both a personal and professional level?


Dominik Utri: At first I wasn’t completely sure if I should take such a big step and go to China right after my apprenticeship; but looking back, I’m very happy that I took the risk and accepted the challenge. I am much more confident in my abilities today than I was even a year ago and have learned to find my way in foreign countries. The English course I took through ANDRITZ and my time in Sweden during my second year of apprenticeship (international skilled worker exchange, three weeks at a Volvo plant in Göteburg) helped immensely. My English has improved so much that I can have conversations without a problem. I have gained so much experience, travelled around China- visited Beijing and Shanghai for example- and last but not least, made many friendships. This experience is obviously also a big plus on my resume. 

Instructor: What are the next steps for you in your career? What are your goals?


Dominik Utri: I want to continue working for ANDRITZ, in the workshop in Graz and on construction sites worldwide. I’m very flexible in that aspect. Along with that I want to get the education to be a master in my field.


Instructor: What would you say to a young person asking if they should pursue an apprenticeship at ANDRITZ, and what they should expect?


Dominik Utri: I would say “Yes! Do it!” Looking back, I would decide to do an apprenticeship at ANDRITZ again. The education was great and afterward there are so many opportunities: you just need to pursue them.

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