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05/12 2022: São Roque Hydroelectric Power Plant

ANDRITZ Hydro Brasil has completed, with excellence, the final supervision of the assembly and commissioning of the three generating units of the São Roque Hydroelectric Power Plant, located on the Canoas River, in the Midwest Region of the state of Santa Catarina!

The project covered Engineering, Factory and Field services, consisting of the supply of Turbines, Speed Governors, Excitation Systems, supervision of assembly and commissioning of the equipment, in addition to ANDRITZ's exclusive automation solutions for the Power Plant Supervision and Protection System. , including the substation.

With 141.9 megawatts (MW) of installed capacity, HPP São Roque belongs to Nova Engevix and represents an important resource for serving the National Interconnected System (SIN), especially for the southern region of the country.



ANDRITZ Hydro Brasil is working in partnership with ANDRITZ Hydro Mexico and Austria, on the modernization and supply of generators for the Penitas & Humaya hydroelectric power plants, located in the state of Chiapas and Badiraguato Sinaloa, respectively.

The project is part of the first batch of hydroelectric plants to be modernized under a plan to renovate the entire hydroelectric generation park of the Comisión Federal De Eletricidad de México (CFE), and consists of the modernization of nine of the 60 plants, all built between 1960 and 1995.  The list includes several of the company's largest dams.

In addition to four new complete generators for the Penitas Plant, the scope also covers the recovery and refurbishment of the frame, core and winding of a generator for Humaya, and the services of management, engineering, assembly and commissioning of the equipment. Manufacturings will be carried out at the ANDRITZ Hydro Brasil plant, located in Araraquara.

CFE supplies electricity to 46 million customers and adds one million new users each year. Its generating complex is composed of 158 generating plants of different technologies: combined cycle, thermoelectric power plants, hydroelectric power plants, coal, turbogas, internal combustion, nuclear energy (Central Nuclear Laguna Verde), geothermal, wind and solar photovoltaic energy. 

In 2021, it generated 55.36% of the total clean energy that was injected into the National Electric System. Likewise, of the total energy produced by CFE in the same period, 38.23% was clean.



Megatrends like urbanization, climate change and digital transformation are fundamentally changing every aspect of our lives. Change can be challenging, but it also offers space for positive change and even greater opportunities for those companies, organizations and societies willing to embrace new realities.


The IEA’s “Net Zero”, A Roadmap for the Global Energy Sector, predicts that hydroelectric power generation will grow by at least 9.5% by 2025 to reach 4650 TWh, but the report also notes that hydro capacity growth during 2023 –2025 could be 50% higher per year on average if project development were accelerated. It is essential that every opportunity to develop the enormous potential of sustainable hydroelectric power is seized to secure our world for future generations. In fact, IRENA's Global Renewables Outlook estimates that an additional 850 GW of hydroelectric power is needed by 2050 to keep the world on a climate-safe path under the Paris Agreement.

In regions where energy demand will increase dramatically in the coming years, such as Asia, South America and Africa, new large power plants and a large number of small hydroelectric projects will be implemented. There is also huge potential in Europe and North America, as half of the facilities are over 40 years old and can make a more significant contribution to the energy supply in the future through modernization. Along with its eco-friendly generation characteristics, the benefits of pumped storage hydroelectric power plant to provide flexibility and cost-effective bulk storage make it an invaluable asset to the clean energy transition.

With 180 years of innovation, ANDRITZ has long been at the forefront of development, responding to megatrends with pioneering technologies and concepts and leading the transition to new and better approaches to meet society's needs. Given the profound impacts of global megatrends, ANDRITZ's hydroelectric power and innovation will also be a long-term megatrend.



ANDRITZ Hydro Brasil is working with FURNAS for the modernization of the Excitation and Control Systems of the Synchronous Compensators of the Substations of Ibiúna, located in São Paulo, and Grajaú, in Rio de Janeiro.


This is an important contract for ANDRITZ as it marks its presence in the modernization of Synchronous Compensators in SIN Substations, and will include the technological update of the Excitation Systems of the 04 units of the Ibiúna Substation and the 02 units of the Grajaú Substation.

Over the last six decades, FURNAS' activities have made it a reference for other energy companies in initiatives that aim to adapt their structure to the new regulatory scenario of the Brazilian electricity industry. The company prioritizes operational efficiency, action through processes and investment sustainability, in addition to measures aimed at increasing the transparency of its management.

Currently, FURNAS' transmission system comprises 72 substations, 55 of which are owned (15 with its hydroelectric power and thermoelectric power plants) and 17 under the partnership regime, through SPEs.


December 2021: Miranda, Brazil - Automation and modernization of the Miranda Hydroelectric Power Plant

The Brazilian ENGIE awarded ANDRITZ with the modernization of the digital supervision and control system, common systems, as well as the protection and monitoring system of the three generating units of the hydroelectric power plant of Miranda, located on the Araguarí River, in the municipality of Indianópolis (MG).


In addition to the supply of ANDRITZ's dedicated automation solutions for the hydropower market, the modernization project encompasses engineering, installation, commissioning, and integration services of the excitation systems and the turbine governors.

The success project execution between ENGIE and ANDRITZ in the modernization of HPP Itáand HPP Machadinho were decisive in winning this new contract.

The Miranda hydroelectric power plant has an accumulation reservoir of 50.61 km² and an installed capacity of 408 MW with three Francis units of 136 MW each. Its operation began in 1998 and together with the Jaguara hydroelectric power plant. it was incorporated into ENGIE's generating complex in 2017 through an auction by the Federal Government.

ENGIE Brasil is the largest private electricity producer in Brazil, with its own installed capacity of 10,791 MW in 72 plants, representing around 6% of the country's total capacity. The company has almost 90% of its installed capacity in the country from renewable sources and with low GHG emissions such as hydroelectric, wind, solar, and biomass power plants.


November 2021: Canoas 1, Brazil – Modernization and overhaul successfully completed

ANDRITZ Hydro Brazil successfully completed the modernization and overhaul of unit #1 of the Canoas I Hydroelectric Power Plant. 


The hydropower station is located on the Paranapanema River between the municipalities of Cândido Mota (SP) and Itambaracá (PR).

The scope of contract for ANDRITZ included services at the factory and on-site, consisting of the modernization and refurbishment of the unit’s distributor and Kaplan runner as well as dismantling, assembly, and commissioning of the equipment.

The current contract was a follow-up order for a service successfully performed on unit #2 of Canoas I, in 2018, where the distributor's movement systems were replaced by self-lubricating guides with top-tier modern technology.

The Kaplan runner of unit #1 of Canoas I hydropower plant has been operating since 2018 with some restrictions. The contract was challenging as we had to assess the current conditions of the runner and, through analysis of the factory, field, and engineering history, to identify and correct any limitation, in order to allow the commencement of commercial operation.

Even during a critical period of the Covid pandemic, the project followed strict measures to avoid the spread of the virus and ensure the safety of ANDRITZ and CTG employees. Furthermore, throughout the entire execution period no accident has been registered. This is a result of the strict CTG health and safety protocols in full compliance with the ANDRITZ team.

With an installed capacity of 81 MW, Canoas I was inaugurated in 1999 and is one of the most modern hydroelectric plants on the Paranapanema River. The plant’s operators are concerned with the preservation of the environment, and promotes several environmental programs aimed at the preservation of flora and fauna in the areas surrounding the power plant.

The success of this project reinforces, once again, ANDRITZ's position as a leader in technology and quality!



November 2021: Foz do Areia, Brazil – Successful completion of modernization

ANDRITZ Hydro Brazil completed, with excellence and a high degree of customer satisfaction, the modernization and renovation of the Governador Bento Munhoz da Rocha Netto Plant (Foz do Areia), located on the Iguaçu River, in the state of Paraná.


Lasting six years, the project marked ANDRITZ's largest Francis turbine overhaul ever. The modernization covered engineering, field services, equipment disassembly, assembly, and commissioning, in addition to the supply of ANDRITZ's dedicated automation solutions for the hydropower market.

The modernization of the last unit was completed 14 days in advance of the contractual terms. During the entire period of execution, no accidents were registered. This is a result of the strict health and safety protocols of ANDRITZ and our customer COPEL.

Gov. Bento Munhoz da Rocha Netto is COPEL's largest installed power plant and has a total installed capacity of 1,676 MW, with four generating units of 419 MW each. 



July 2021: ANDRITZ Hydro Brasil moves its corporate office in São Paulo

This transition is part of the company´s modernization process as a whole and intend to meet the needs of agility, flexibility and collaboration of our current context, as well as fulfil the business evolution curve. The new corporate office, opened on 12/07, is a completely new, modern space and, like ANDRITZ solutions, redesigned for the future.

Sales, engineering, order execution for: automation, electrical power systems and pumps; as well as administrative and legal departments will be allocated to the new office, located at Alameda Tocantins, 350 - Alphaville Industrial, Barueri, in a commercial building with more than 31,000.00 m2.

The new environment was entirely designed to translate ANDRITZ's commitment to creating new perspectives for the GROUP based on innovation, collaboration and solid and lasting partnerships.

'With this change, ANDRITZ Hydro Brasil will be even better prepared to accept new challenges and contribute to future hydroelectric development in the country.’ – adds Dieter Hopf, general director of ANDRITZ Hydro in Brazil.

Today, ANDRITZ Hydro Brasil is a consolidated company responsible for basic and detailed engineering, manufacturing and installation of equipment for small, medium and large hydroelectric power plants, as well as pumping solutions for industry, irrigation and water supply. It has a manufacturing unit in Araraquara and serves, in addition to the Brazilian market, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, other ANDRITZ units in the Americas.



June 2021: HPP Yacyretá, Brazil – Contract for 18 new excitation systems with HIPASE technology


ANDRITZ Hydro Brazil entered into a partnership with Entidad Binacional Yacyreta (EBY) to supply 18 new excitation systems with HIPASE-E technology, a dedicated automation solution from ANDRITZ, for the Yacyretá Hydroelectric Plant, located on the Paraná River, between Argentina and Paraguay.

The Yacyreta hydropower plant belongs to Entidad Binacional Yacyretá and has been in commercial operation since 1994. Nowadays, it has an installed capacity of 3,200 MW MW and is responsible to supply electricity needs of 50% residences in Argentina, not to mention industries.

The qualifying process in the binational bid was challenging and required a lot of preparation from the entire team in terms of compliance, corporate, as well as technical and economic aspects. ANDRITZ used its market expertise and submitted a customized offer. We were finally chosen to supply the complete modernization of the excitation systems (cubicles, transformers, set of auxiliary part and component) consisting of basic and detailed design, manufacturing/assembly, factory acceptance tests, transport, site installation and commissioning.

This is a very important project for ANDRITZ that not only highlights ANDRITZ competence and expertise in the automation market but also marks the beginning of a long term partnership with Entidad Binacional Yacyreta.

Technical Details:
Total output: 3,200 MW
Head: 21.3 m
Voltage: 13.2 kV

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