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History of ANDRITZ Metals Germany

Steps along the way …

The beginnings of ANDRITZ Metals Germany (former ANDRITZ Sundwig) go back to the year 1689, when the entrepreneur Johann Bernhard von der Becke began, to manufacture forged buckles in Sundwig, Germany. In 1864, the firm expanded by setting up an iron foundry and machine works and has continued its development to become the present day company.

ANDRITZ acquired 75% of the limited partnership interest in Sundwiger-Eisenhütte Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. in 1998.

ANDRITZ Metals Germany GmbH’s product range today comprises turnkey systems for production and processing of cold-rolled strip made of stainless steel, coated metals, non-ferrous metals, and special materials.

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Milestones in the development of ANDRITZ Metals Germany


acquires licence to manufacture multi-roll rolling mills as developed by Professor Rohn, the origin of the SUNDWIG 20-high rolling mill in 4-column design that is built today


supplies the first annealing and pickling line


first 20-high rolling mill in 4-column design


first bright-annealing line


supplies the entire equipment for a complete cold rolling mill


supplies a high-performance slitting line for aluminum, with strip speeds up to 1,000 m/min


start-up of the world’s largest hot-dip galvanizing line


start-up of the world’s largest Z-high reducing mill at the inlet to an annealing and pickling line for hot-rolled strip


supplies the world’s largest annealing and painting line, with a strip width of 2,300 mm and 3 mm thickness


largest 20-high rolling mill in 4-column design with a strip width of 1,625 mm


supplies the top-performance cut-to-length line for 25.4 mm strip thickness and 2,130 mm strip width


start-up of the world’s largest annealing and pickling line for cold-rolled strip, with a width of 2,100 mm and 8 mm thickness


supplies the largest Sundwig precision leveling machine for hot-rolled plates up to 60 mm thickness and a width of 3,800 mm


Cold mill complex including hot annealing and pickling line with integrated S6-high cold rolling mill, cold annealing and pickling line with 3 integrated S6-high cold rolling mills and skin pass mill


Three cold annealing and pickling lines for aluminum

2016Delivery of the 500th shape control system / roll

Precision Sundwig 20high four column mill for 1550 mm width and min. thickness of 0,07 mm


Delivery of the 60th roll grinder


S6-high cold rolling mill for next generation of High Strength Steel

Our supply program includes:

Turnkey systems

Cold rolling mills

Shape control systems

Strip processing lines

Finishing lines


Revamps and Modernization of existing production equipment

After sales services and spare part business

Heavy load from Hemer, Germany, to the world

ANDRITZ Metals Germany staff

More than 150 highly qualified technicians and engineers at ANDRITZ Metals Germany in Hemer sourced from several different faculties guarantee highest quality throughout the process of development, engineering, and construction of our products.

ANDRITZ Metals Germany GmbH in Hemer, Germany

Our workshop in Hemer is responsible for assembly and testing of core equipment and combinations up to complete rolling mills. These efforts lead to frictionless installation and commissioning on our customers' construction sites. For these tasks, we have a well-versed team available with more than 50 field staff.

Ways to assist you…

We guarantee our customers visionary technologies with highest quality and economic efficiency. Numerous patents for processes and components together with many years of experience in mechanical engineering are the pillars of our profit-yielding concept. The excellent production output of our manufacturing lines ensures that our customers become more competitive – and remain so for many years to come.

The foundations of successful project management are laid with an extensive exchange of information in the project phase and individual automation solutions that are customized to the technical and economic requirements of our customers, as well as by ensuring on-time delivery and short start-up times.

This is what makes us what we are, and also yields added value for your success …

Our concept is built on quality, flexibility, and reliability. All processes and components required – from design, engineering right through to start-up – are tuned perfectly to one another. For more than 80 years now, numerous customers all round the world have placed their trust in our know-how and innovative strength in strip processing and rolling mill technology.

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