Metris - Optimization of Process Performance (OPP)

Metris OPP (Optimization of Process Performance) is a service/solution to improve the performance of metal production lines. The IIoT platform uses big data and provides digitally supported tools that ensure increased efficiency and profitability of customers’ plants with guaranteed ROI and no capital investment.

Metris OPP benefits

Metris OPP benefits

How does Metris OPP work?

Define focus

The customer defines individual focuses together with ANDRITZ, making use of the plant and production potentials (like reducing downtime, expanding production capacity, increasing prime quality, and decreasing consumption of raw materials and other resources, for example). These goals define the key performance indicators (KPIs) that are monitored throughout the entire process/plant lifecycle.

Identify improvement potential

The first step is to identify and define the actual status of the machines in the factory. The initial snapshot is created by monitoring and analyzing the data collected at the existing equipment and at the smart sensors and activators installed. Afterwards the Metris OPP platform continuously analyzes the big data. By processing enormous volumes of data collected at numerous points in a production line or a complete factory, the system can be improved constantly. In addition to the analysis of structured data, unstructured data are also taken into account whenever operators take action or a production change is requested. Although the process is immensely complex, OPP delivers within seconds.

Seizing the opportunity to improve

ANDRITZ experts use the power of OPP software to master the complexity. Building on the analysis, patterns within operation and functioning of an industrial plant are detected, analyzed, and the necessary steps are taken to increase efficiency and profitability.

Building on our experience and knowledge within the metals industry, deviations and anomalies are corrected to achieve the agreed benchmarks and tolerance limits.

Always keeping the main goal in mind

To streamline this process at all levels, the OPP platform provides managers, engineers, operators, shift supervisors/coordinators, maintenance technicians, and field operators with digital tools that enable them to work towards the overall goal (e.g. reduction of downtime). Furthermore, progress by the process can be viewed at any time using dashboards to monitor how OPP service is achieving the customers’ goals. The dashboard is accessed by a desktop computer, tablet PC, or smartphone. The display is designed to provide an intuitive customer experience.

Continuous optimization

Regular updates, revisions, and additions to the OPP platform ensure that the technology reflects the latest state of the art. Thus, specialists maintain a close relationship with customers to ensure that they can help address their challenges. Around 40 apps are now available, and there are further developments in the field of deep learning and personal assistance to come.

OPP can be applied to single machines or expanded throughout all production lines. The system takes all elements that are associated with it into account. Networking more machines increases OPP’s capabilities to reach maximum process performance for the customer’s factory.

Metris OPP building on 11 years of expertise

During the past 11 years, ANDRITZ has been developing this software consistently to always ensure that the technology reflects the very latest state of the art. Since 2007, OPP has been implemented in over 40 mills and plants in Brazil, Europe, and the USA achieving exceptional results such as a 15% performance increase. Combining strong production and domain know-how with sophisticated software applications and specially trained personnel we strive to create a significant competitive advantage for our customers.

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