We have a strong focus to understand the needs of our customers and develop solutions to solve their problems. Our innovation vision is to be the technology leader in all our product groups.

Our innovation roadmap is based on the main trends:

  • Lightweight material for automotive application (steel and aluminum)
  • Digital Transformation - Industry 4.0 - IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things)
  • Sustainable production (energy saving, reduction of emission)
  • Services

Our innovation activities are supported by 7 Research & Development test centers in Europe and USA.

We are open for disruptive business opportunities

Innovation is our defined path to grow organically

We concentrate on bringing pioneering, clean and future-oriented technologies to the market.

Our innovation management is based on the following five vectors:

  • Innovation strategy to focus on attractive strategic arenas based on external analysis and our core competences
  • Climate & culture: Organization and Leadership to foster true innovation
  • Idea generation with a clear focus on customer needs
  • Idea to launch system: innovation process with defined responsibilities
  • Strong business cases and picking the winners based on a professional management of our innovation project portfolio

ANDRITZ Metals runs its own research facilities, pilot plants, e.g. acid regeneration plants for special oxides, and tech centers, where performance tests and analyses of different product characteristics are carried out and processes are developed further.

 The ANDRITZ Metals' innovation pool

Carbon steel

Cold rolling of Advance High Strength Steel (AHSS)S6-high cold rolling mill
Annealing of third generation AHSSContinuous galvanizing line (CGL) with Direct Fired Furnce (DFF) or pre-oxidation chamber
Highest surface quality for automotive exposed panelCounterflow snout
Reduce operating cost by combined processing linePickling and galvanizing line (PGL)
Save energy and reduce CO2 or increase capacity of acid regeneration plant (ARP)ECOmode for HCl acid regeneration plants
Minimized fuel consumption and lowest NOx emissionsUltra Low-NOx burners
Reduce heat losses in furnacesSpecial refractory components

Stainless steel

The goalOur solution
Recycle waste acid and waste water in stainless steel picklingMixed acid regeneration plants (PYROMARS) and Zero Effluent Mixed Acid Pickling system (ZEMAP)
Fully automatic roll change, higher roll grinding range, cost reduction and faster roll gap openingSundwig MonoBlock


The goalOur solution
Laser welding system for smaller volumes of tailor welded blanksSOUPACT
Offline ablation for press hardening steel (PHS) blanksSOUBLATE
Increase productivity of tailor welded blank (TWB) plantSOUSPEED


The goalOur solution
Combination of tryout and production in one machineToP-Line

Industry 4.0, IIoT

The goalOur solution
Digital transformationMETRIS
Optimize production of continuous galvanizing line (CGL)Advanced Furnace Control (AFC)
AI driven reduction of harmful nitrogen oxide emissions from a steel plantDeNOx

Other industries

The goalOur solution
High-quality oxide production from metal chlorides (Fe, Ni, Co, Ti, Mg, etc.)Acid regeneration plants for special oxide