Laser Welding System for Bipolar Plates Production

The state-of-art bipolar plate manufacturing.


Laser welding system Soucell


The fast laser welding system with a compact footprint

The bipolar plate (BPP) is an important component of fuel cells; up to 400 such plates are put together into the so-called stack. This makes the BPP a key component. ANDRITZ Soutec is offering -analog to the Soutec highspeed laser welding system SOUSPEED- a system that welds fast and in the required high quality. SOUCELL makes it possible; based on a reference design*, a production rate of up to 1 Hz is feasible (=1 BPP per second).

*based on a benchmark weld seam length of 2.5 m

Benefits at a glance

  • High precision machine, produces high quality weld seams

  • Small floorspace required

  • Scalable to required production volume

  • Welding in a single clamping, no reclamping necessary

  • Easy and flexible integration into existing production lines

  • Technically maximum possible beam-on-time

  • Resource-saving with regard to welding gas

  • World novelty, from the world's leading TWB welding specialist in Switzerland

Technical data



BPP-Dimension max:


500 x 230 mm

200 x100 mm


≤ 3’600 BPP/h

(1 Hz)

Machine-Dimension       L:



6.7 m

3.7 m

2.1 m

Conveyor Speed             Vc:

≤ 15.6 m/min

Conveyor BPP partition

260 mm

Number of laser units

Depending on BPP design and required output