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Solving problems in the welding process with ANDRITZ Soutec equipment

If you are in the laser welding business, you know what it means to prepare an edge so that it can take the full energy of the laser beam, measuring 0.4-0.6 mm in diameter.


Precise pre-positioning of blanks


A “zero gap” condition between two blanks is the ideal concept, but in reality, this is almost impossible to achieve.

On the one hand, the solution lies in the perfect detection and measuring system to measure the gap width and its position. On the other hand, in an almost “zero gap” condition prior to welding, the gap either needs to be closed or filled with the exact amount of material lacking.

With a specially developed measuring system based on the combination of gray image technology and laser triangulation, the gap and position of the laser beam accuracy is localized to +/-0.02 mm. That is 4 to 5 times more accurate than other measuring systems on the market. Thus, the lack of material caused by the shear-to-break ratio or by the tension in the sheet metal can be detected exactly.

If it is possible to compensate for the lack of material by means of a filler wire, a uniform seam profile (defined: convexity or concavity) can be achieved. With laser welding using the legendary keyhole process, Soutec has achieved another technological milestone, which opened the door to outer skin tailored blanks.


Compensation by filler wire


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