Laser welded tube


Laser welding system for round, oval, and polygonal tubes as well as cylindrical, conical, or multi-diameter tubes

Soutube can weld the tubes mentioned in a virtually continuous process.

Core module of the Soutube system

Core module of the Soutube system

It can also produce tubes of different wall thicknesses, such as tailored tubular blanks or tailored rolled tubes (TTB or TRT). Tubes produced on the Soutube are mainly for security-related applications in vehicles and require an extremely stable and reliable laser welding process.

The technology offers perfect tubes for the hydro-forming process and for lightweight applications in general in the automotive field for body-in-white or suspensions. The Soutube is used in automotive and vehicle manufacturing. In combination with a press, it can produce far more than one million tubes per year. The built-in seam tracking and quality inspection system guarantees a stable process for highest demands.

If required, the system can weld with Soutec’s unique filler wire system, Soufil. In the process, the filling volume is controlled via wire speed.

Benefits at a glance

  • Globally unique edge tracking and quality control system
  • Soufiladaptive wire feeding for perfect welding under difficult edge conditions
  • Fully integrated quality assurance system
  • Short change-over times due to electronically detected axes
  • Due to the modular overall design, the machine can be expanded to a fully automated forming and welding system
  • User-friendly control with error signaling and remote maintenance for minimum down times
  • Designed for solid-state laser with highest efficiency and lowest operating cost
  • Forming process that meets all requirements with regard to roundness, flexibility, and change-over times
Laser welded tube

Laser welded tube

Technical data

Length of tube300-4,000 mm (6,000 mm)
or integrated into continuous process
Diameter30-152.4 mm (6")
Blank thickness0.7-4.5 mm
Laser sourcefiber laser, disk laser, or diode laser
Materialsteel or aluminum

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