Weld rolls

Roll seam welding (Stitch welding)

ANDRITZ Soutec is a worldwide leader in seam welding of sequential spot welds for which the place of the spot welded electrodes is taken by the roller electrodes.

With roll seam welding, weld rolls assume the task of the electrode and the pressure tool.

A copper wire is guided between the rolls and the work piece while simultaneously providing a constant high quality weld seam. The copper wire allows for minimal wear to the weld rolls.  Welding spots are set closely by the rolls to allow for a continuous leak proof seam.  The pulse frequency of the current determines the spot weld spacing. For tack welding the spots are set further apart.

If a completely leak proof seam is required then the frequency is increased and a continuous seam is created.  Movement can take place during the welding process between the work pieces and the roll electrodes as a result from the rotating electrodes in roll seam welding.  This allows for the creation of a safe leak proof weld seam.

Deviations may occur when a work piece is moved and will not have a detrimental effect on the quality of the weld seam.  In order to keep abrasion and wear on the expensive weld rolls at a minimum to ensure a constant high quality weld seam, we exclusively use roller heads with wire intermediate electrodes in our welding applications.  

Weld rolls

Weld rolls

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The stitchwelder for even higher production runs

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The manual stitchwelder for inside and outside pipe bends / elbows


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