Fully automated, autonomous production center for laser poles

Soupole is the first fully automated production system for laser-welded lighting poles.


Forming station – Soupole system

Coiled, rolled steel sheets of different thicknesses and surface types are easily transformed into conical shapes. These conical shapes allow forming of the pole in a laser welding process, which offers many advantages compared to other commonly used production processes.

The Soupole system is the best solution for mass production of conical hollow sections/profiles for the automotive and construction industries.

Benefits at a glance:

  • High weld speed
  • Superb weld seam quality with 100% penetration assured
  • No post-weld seam treatment required (beginning and end of weld seam, leveling)
  • New possibilities regarding material type and coatings
  • First step towards engineered poles

Decoiling, leveling, and cutting-to-length

Technical data

Pole shapecylindrical or conical (upgrade 0-1/14)
Roundnessacc. to DIN EN 40-2
Diameter58 mm min./250 mm max.
Length                 2,500 mm min.- (option 1,500 mm)/15,000 mm max.
Material thickness2 mm min./5 mm max.
Laser source12 kW CO2 (optional disk or fiber laser)
Max. welding speedup to 10 m/min

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