SOUBLATE ablation system

Innovative system for the preparation of AlSi-coated Tailored Blanks

SOUBLATE is the unique and cost-effective solution for the removal of the unwanted AlSi coating on boron steel, along the weld edge of Tailored Blanks. The process can either be added offline to any existing welding line, or can be integrated into existing Soutec laser welding systems.


The ANDRITZ Soutec Ablation System SOUBLATE

SOUBLATE has a high efficiency due to its continuous and reliable process. The rectangular shaped laser beam removes the coating of the blanks, what prepares them for the following welding. Because of the holohedral laser exposure, the leveling is homogeneous along the entire seam.

Any residues of aluminum are removed reliably from the process zone. Specific suction nozzles support the ablation process, so it is done without any unwelcome influence of any pollution. A perfect ablation is assured.

The integrated quality control system measures the ablated edge (residuals, track width). In case of not OK, the blanks will be sorted out at the end of the process automatically.

SOUBLATE ensures the ability of aluminum coated material for the hot forming process in the weld area, due to the total and reliable removal of aluminum on the edge.

Ablation process

Benefits at a glance

  • SOUBLATE has a high production output, due to its continuous concept.
  • SOUBLATE has a high System up-time
  • SOUBLATE has highest process stability.

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